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Handy, hassle-free plug-and-play tech


Stick works as a receiver together with the Orb transmitter giving you wireless DMX lighting control by simply plugging into each fixture.

Light it up like a pro!

Stick gives you cable-free control over your lighting set-up so no more running cables from your controller to your fixtures. Simply plug it straight into each fixture where the DMX cable would have gone and use it as a receiver together with the Orb transmitter.

Handy and hassle-free plug-and-play technology.

Experience Wireless DMX

Stick uses W-DMX technology – an incredibly reliable wireless alternative to the DMX cable.

It is also completely compatible with other W-DMX and LumenRadio CRMX products so as your business grows, you don’t have to replace everything all at once. Start with Orb and Stick and later use them together with more advanced products like LumenRadio’s Aurora or Stardust.


DMX Receiver (RX)
Power supply DC: USB-C 5 VDC (not included)
Dimensions (W x H x D in mm): 21 x 23 x 98
Antenna: Built-in
Frequency range: 2402–2480 MHz (ISM band)
Max. RF output power: 10 mW
Supported protocols: DMX-512A
RF protocols (RX): CRMX/CRMX2 & W-DMX G3/G4/G4S/G5