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Rock out without getting tied down

Orb and Stick give you Wireless DMX – cable-free control over your lighting set-up which means no more running cables from your controller to your fixtures!

Perfect for small- to medium-sized events and content creation

  • Orb and Stick are simple to use, plug and play products
  • They use the same Wireless DMX loved by the pros
  • You get rock-solid wireless performance which won’t let you down
  • A great piece of kit for DJs, event organizers and video creatives


Reliable wireless DMX transmitter (TX) or receiver (RX)


Handy, hassle-free wireless DMX receiver

Wireless Solution by LumenRadio

Wireless Solution is a product brand of LumenRadio, a pioneer in the field of wireless tech. LumenRadio believes that for every cabled installation, there is a winning wireless solution, potentially yet to be explored.