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Support & FAQs

Want to know more? Let’s find some answers to those questions!


How do I control my lights using these products?

Connect Orb TX with a DMX cable to any lighting console with a DMX output port, or a computer/tablet with a DMX interface. The lights need to have a DMX input port to connect the Orb RX or Stick RX, if it does not have Wireless DMX built in.

Where do I select the wireless channel?

You don’t! Our Wireless DMX is clever enough to switch wireless frequencies faster than you ever could, that is why it works so well. So no need for you to bother about channels or settings – just click the link button and you are ready to go!

My lights have Wireless DMX built in, will these products be compatible?

W-DMX Orb TX works with all equipment that has Wireless DMX integrated from Wireless Solution or LumenRadio – this is called W-DMX or CRMX. Please refer to the manual of your products to see if this is supported. It is not compatible with systems that have any kind of channel selection, such as numbers or colors.

What is the range?

Enough for small- to mid-size events! We could say a number, but in reality it depends most on the environment. If you plan to go above 100m in an indoor venue, you are pushing the limits of Orb & Stick.
Pro tip: If you want a better range, place your devices above head height.

How do I connect my devices?

With the click of a button! First make sure your receivers, such as the Stick RX or Orb RX, are unlinked by holding down the button for 3 seconds. Then all you have to do is press the link button on your transmitter, such as the Orb TX, and it’s done. The transmitter is now sending all DMX data to all linked receivers, and it will remain linked after you power it off – ready to go for next time.

Can I really trust Wireless DMX?

We have been doing professional Wireless DMX since 2005, we know what we’re talking about. Our technology is the real thing, it works like a charm and has been used at the most prestigious events and productions around the world.

Perhaps you have tried Wireless DMX and been let down? You are not alone.

All Wireless DMX technologies are not created equal. That is why Orb and Stick are here, to give you the same technology trusted by industry professionals!

I need more help!

Get in touch with your local distributor, they have been trained in the products and can answer all your questions quickly. Find your local distributor here.

Legacy Product Support

Wireless Solution has a proud history of manufacturing Wireless DMX products since 2005. Products such as the MicroBox, WhiteBox, BlackBox and ProBox that now are considered legacy products.

The protocol used by Orb TX is supported by all legacy products, and all receivers are also compatible with legacy products.