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About Wireless Solution

The preferred choice of lighting professionals

Founded in 2003, Wireless Solution created the Wireless DMX system – W-DMX™ – that is today the accepted standard for transmitting lighting control data wirelessly, no matter the distance or location.

W-DMX can be found embedded in the fixtures of some of the world’s largest entertainment lighting manufacturers and has been successfully used in a long list of productions from Hollywood blockbusters to giant music festivals.

LumenRadio – Wireless Without Worries

Wireless Solution is a product brand owned by LumenRadio, a Swedish company specialising in wireless technology.

You can read more about W-DMX and its use in the entertainment lighting industry on LumenRadio’s website: Wireless DMX.

For every cabled installation, LumenRadio believes there is a winning wireless solution, potentially yet to be explored. Based on its patented frequency-friendly technology, LumenRadio offers end-user products as well as radio modules and software that can be integrated straight into a manufacturer’s products.

From high-profile entertainment lighting installations to industry and building automation, LumenRadio has wireless solutions that work in environments where others fail.