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Wireless Solution

Wireless Solution Sweden Sales AB is the world’s leading manufacturer of the most popular, reliable and exciting Wireless lighting control equipment, W-DMX™, now celebrating 350,000 units sold worldwide and around 50 high end OEM partners. Founded in 2003 by top professionals from the lighting industry and wireless communication engineers, the company designs and produces this twice award-winning Wireless DMX system that is today the un-official standard for those that require the most dependable product available for transmitting lighting control data wirelessly, no matter the distance or location.

W-DMX™ product line makes large, creative, or technically complex installations possible through the wireless distribution of lighting control signals. Award winning reliability and one-button-to-go setup allow for quick installation of lighting fixtures, on-time completion of time-sensitive projects and faster, more efficient and less labor intensive load-in and load-out of rental equipment.

Wireless Solution’s product range boasts indoor as well as IP65 rated outdoor models and can be used in even the most complex lighting systems today. The only manufacturer on the market carrying a whole range of wireless equipment and accessories, even the most complex turnkey systems can be specified and supplied in their entirety by Wireless Solution. On top of our “boxed” solutions, we offer the most competitive and creative solution for OEM application. From the smallest W-DMX™ COB with a footprint of 6x6mm to the most advance dual band and soon to come triple band technology.




W-DMX™ is a true ‘plug and play’ system for transmitting both DMX and RDM and Ethernet data wirelessly, incorporating advanced technology including Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS) to dynamically avoid other radio frequency users, built-in dual-band for better performance in even the toughest environments, and RDM and Ethernet support to keep on top of your lighting system without fail. On top of this with new functions like Data-Safe for error correction and Invisi-Wire.

Wireless Solution continues to invest tirelessly in R&D, and has a full gamut of products lined up for the future. Wireless Solution Sweden Sales AB is, and will continue to be, the leader in Wireless lighting control worldwide. With around 50 OEM partners integrating W-DMX™ into a whole range of lighting products, and over 350,000 units manufactured, we are the true world leader in Wireless lighting control. Wireless Solution continues to develop new technology for the DMX, RDM and Ethernet protocols, such as our patented radio technology.

Wireless Solution Sweden Sales AB works closely with major manufacturers, lighting designers and production companies to produce what the market wants and needs. Products are proudly carry the “Made In Sweden” mark, our personal guarantee of the top-notch quality and world leading reliability of our products

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