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The W-DMX™ OEM program comprises over 50 OEM manufacturers that make their products compatible with the W-DMX™ wireless protocol, ensuring that even with a range of brands and different types of products, a piece of lighting equipment with Wireless functionality


To OEM customers, not only are we offering a complete solution for integrating wireless control into your fixtures, but we also keep on stock of a complete range of antennas as well a complete range of OEM Antenna cables that are suitable for your application.

As the leading manufacturing of wireless lighting control solutions, we offer a complete range of products coupled with technical assistance in your R&D department to make installation of Wireless control as easy as possible. 

Wireless Solution currently produces over 100,000 OEM units per year. With over 500,000 units shipped worldwide since inception, installed in fixtures, dimmers, consoles, signal distribution units and more.

Wireless Solution’s W-DMX™ is the ‘unofficial’ standard for wireless lighting control worldwide.

Our Partners

Our current OEM partners include a range of international companies who produce entertainment lighting and architectural lighting fixtures. You can see below who currently actively uses our technology. If you click in each logo, you can see an example of the products containing W-DMX™ per manufacturer.

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