Swedish Hockey League scores W-DMX™

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Bright Rentals AB, a Nordic lighting specialist in events, hires and installations were tasked to supply a lighting package to Hovet Arena, one of the most well known in Sweden. Today, this space is home ground to AIK Hockey and Djurgården Hockey, and regularly used for other events and concerts. 

The company supplied a variety of kit, from eight Claypaky Sharpy Wash to sixteen Bright XCORE LED, to create lighting effects during the playoffs. The company also supplied the latest Wireless DMX G5 kit by W-DMX™, including eight BlackBox F-1 G5, one WhiteBox F-1 G5 and one WhiteBox F-2 G5. The company chose these units due to their capability of working in 5 GHz, as the venue posed some challenges on the 2.4 GHz band: “In the ice hockey arena there is a lot of interference created by the public Wi-Fi and other broadcast equipment“, said Magnus Karlsson, Head of Lighting at Bright Rentals. Karlsson added: “The only choice of Wireless DMX was W-DMX™ from Wireless Solution, with the latest G5 tri-band capability”. 

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO for Wireless Solution Sweden, added: “We are aware of an increased number of venues with congested wireless traffic. Our solutions make possible to switch to 5 GHz in under 10 seconds. There is no reason to over-complicate simple setups!”.