Amsterdam changes colour with W-DMX™

In Amsterdam, colour changing LED lighting fixtures were placed to adapt the lighting mood to social situations. Dutch company RENA Electronica installed a high tech LED lighting system hanging above the Reguliersdwarsstraat and its alleys. The system was installed in the existing nostalgic fixtures. The colour of the LED lighting adapts to the social situation and was developed by RENA Electronica, commissioned by our partner Primo Exposures.

RGBW high power LED boards, drivers and control from RENA were placed inside the existing fixtures. They change colour according to the desired atmosphere on the street. From warm, ambient light to festive colours, and white for safety when the police or emergency services are forced to intervene.

All the fixtures have a W-DMX™ NANO TRX G5 module with a 2dBi antenna, for remote wireless control. With this installation, 3x WhiteBox F-2 G5 were also used, to repeat the signal at different blocks of the avenue. Over 20 fixtures were hung, spanning over 250 meters, with three perpendicular streets. Thanks to Wireless Solution’s proprietary Adaptive Frequency Hopping, the units run on 2.4 GHz in a busy urban centre such as this one, in the middle of Amsterdam.