ELĒKRŎN W-DMX™ to the most electrifying show

Wireless Solution Sweden has recently supplied the Ultimate Wireless transceiver products to the show ELĒKRŎN, that opened in Studio City, Macau last January.

Elēkrŏn features dramatic, dangerous and dare-devil circus skills; crazy parkour acrobatics; wild fire and pyrotechnics; a flying bi plane of wing-walkers; thrilling and breath-taking stunt driving sequences involving cars, bikes and buggies. With over 150 cast, crew and creative specialist hand-picked from all over the world, Elēkrŏn is a non-stop action-packed spectacular that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The show was created by Stufish, an international award-winning entertainment supplier that have designed for Elton John, Madonna, U2, Beyonce, Rolling Stones, and many others. Elēkrŏn is the first major original production that features all-electric sports cars, FMX Trials and Motorbikes and customised buggies and quad bikes in an indoor action-packed arena-style spectacular. With Elēkrŏn, Stufish continues to redefine the experience of live entertainment globally.

Wireless Solution supplied four BlackBox F-2 G5 units and thirty-eight BlackBox R-512 G5 units, to be contained inside the moving vehicles and supply Wireless DMX data to the LED fixtures and atmospheric effects. Each unit was retrofitted and supplied power from a central battery supply, which then connected to the 12 VDC input on each receiver. The units operated at 5.8 GHz at a distance not higher than 100 meters. Each vehicle had an antenna placed on its frame, to avoid any possible interference from the metal enclosure.

“This was an incredibly challenging job for Wireless Solution given its dimension – however, several surveys and tests were made beforehand to guarantee that we were be made aware of any possible interference or obstacle in our way. Once the boxes were running on 5 GHz, the integration was very easy, and the connection was immediate”, says David Ferraz, International Business Development Manager for Wireless Solution. Ferraz added: “It was critical to use a higher frequency on a project like this, especially being in a busy arena. The local team knew exactly what they were doing, so once it was all setup and running, there were no stability issues”.