W-DMX MicroBox G6 Released

Swedish based company Wireless Solution, famous for its well-known W-DMX product range, today announces the release of its next product in the G6 Range.

Following the great success of W-DMX BlackBox G6, Wireless Solution has now completed the development of W-DMX MicroBox G6. With the added features this product aims to make it easier to get going with Wireless DMX in all types of events, using both W-DMX and CRMX.


The new W-DMX MicroBox G6 comes in the same recognized form factor as its predecessor and with the following new features:
Bluetooth connectivity for configuration, using the W-DMX Configurator app
Optional CRMX support for increased compatibility

W-DMX MicroBox G6 is now shipping, please contact your local distributor for purchases.

About Wireless Solution: Wireless Solution, founded in 2003, is a manufacturer of wireless lighting control equipment both for end users and OEM partners. Wireless Solution is owned by LumenRadio and headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.