W-DMX™ in the Philippines

The International Pyromusical Competition in the Philippines has just come to an end, and W-DMX™ played a crucial part of the finale.

The international event that gathers firework manufacturers from different countries takes place in the City of Pasay, one of the cities in Metro Manila, the capital region of the Philippines.

Forerunner Technologies, a production company in the region, was responsible to supply lighting and sound equipment for the event. Lighting designer John Batalla was incharge of programming over 50 Claypaky Sharpy moving-heads, along with 50 LED PAR RGB units, all with an Avolites Pearl Expert Pro console.

Due to the physical location of the venue, and a water bay between the control point and the lighting fixtures, the company used 6x W-DMX™ BlackBox F-1 transceivers, sending data over 500 meters from the shore. A total of 3 universes was used, with data being received with no latency at the receivers’ end.

Shelly Li, Regional Sales Manager for Asia & Pacific, commented: “Forerunner got involved with our technology in 2015, and it’s great to see them using it in very high profile events – this competition attracts visitors from around the world, and it’s very positive to know they trust us even in most complex jobs“.