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You can become an OEM Partner today, just through some simple steps. We want to make the process as smooth as possible to you, and offer you the best support. We endeavour to be as transparent as possible and during this process and share all the information you need to integrate W-DMX™.

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Start integrating our OEM modules into your lighting fixture, and give the power of wireless, cross-compatibility to your users.

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Reach out to us at to order your Dev-Kit. Each kit can be tailored to your needs – just choose which radio cards and accessories you need and we’ll ship it to you, wherever you are in the world.


Albert Chauvet, Chauvet Professional

“Chauvet has been associated with Wireless Solution for almost a decade. We have consistently been impressed with the performance of their W-DMX™ technology in CHAUVET Professional fixtures. Our customers value the reliability of W-DMX™ and Wireless Solution’s commitment to being the most trusted provider of Wireless DMX in our industry”

Fabio Sorella, Music & Lights

“We developed a great partnership with Wireless Solution – our business relies on a adding a Wireless DMX solution to our fixtures, and with W-DMX™ we couldn’t be more satisfied. We greatly appreciate the high standard of efficiency and reliability Wireless Solution offers.”

Raymond, EK Lighting

“For over 5 years, EK has favorited Wireless Solution Sweden as a provider of Wireless DMX technology – we trust W-DMX™ products to be the best in the market, having years of quality and technical excellence. We work very closely with the team, and know they’ll support us at any all times”