TiMo is small on form factor but huge on functionality in an SMT package of just 33.5mm x 18.5mm, with features such as over-the-air firmware upgrades, SMT mounting, and an integrated on-chip antenna as well as a UF.L connector for external antenna.

TiMo FX RDM is a DMX/RDM receiver and a DMX transmitter for one full DMX universe on the same PCB. The mode of operation can be easily changed at any time. In transmitter mode, TiMo FX RDM is a fully operational CRMX transmitter, utilizing our award-winning Cognitive Coexistence technology to minimize interference. In receiver mode, TiMo FX RDM offers the same functionality as TiMo RX RDM.

Order Nr: 800-8106

  • 33.5mm x 18.5mm SMT module
  • Receiver or Transmitter Flex mode
  • SPI DMX window functionality
  • Full RDM support
  • RDM UID Binding capabilities
  • FCC part 15 modular approval
  • ETSI EN 300328 compliant
  • Over the air upgrades of radio drivers
  • Internal and external antenna
  • Average power consumption is 40mA in receiver mode, 250mA in transmitter mode
  • Supports receiving CRMX, W-DMX™ G2, G3, G4, and G4S
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