If you’re an owner of any BlackBox, WhiteBox or ProBox G5 F-series, you’re able to upgrade your units to the latest firmware mode, that includes Double-Up.

This new mode allows to transmit twice the number of universes that you currently can. This means that you can transmit up to 2 universes from an F-1 unit, and up to 4 universes from an F-2 .

Download the final firmware here!

You need a W-DMX™ Dongle 2.0 in order to upgrade. This hardware can be purchased from your local dealer.

Note that Double-Up is only compatible between units that also have this mode. You can only transmit Double-Up between F-series with the same mode – you cannot connect to OEM devices with this mode active.

After you upgrade, you can activate this mode from the front display button: press and hold for 10 seconds until the lights chase, and tap the red button according to the following mode sequence:

Please note: Double-Up is not available over Art-Net or s/ACN. It is also not possible to send RDM through this mode or use it as a repeater. You will be able to select this mode in the next version of the Configurator software, available this November.