Nano TRX DMX/RDM 3.3V/5V-26V MCX

In 2017 Wireless Solution updated the smallest version transceiver on the market that full support DMX with low power consumption and a very compact format, with support of dynamic input voltage. Adding important features like full SPI implementation and DMX over TTL as option. The Nano range have 3.3V on PIN 8 and 5V – 26V power input on PIN 6, and using the ISM band of 2.4GHz.  With the same features and function as well as the PICO/MICRO Series and direct PIN compatible it is very easy for all existing OEM partners to upgrade to a smaller and more compact size of PCB as well more features. High sensitivity as well high gain power output up to 400mW. Different setting for local regulations are fully possible and easy to apply via firmware. Distance in LOS (Line of Sight) with standard 2dBi antenna from is up to 700m. Low power consumption in average RX Mode 80mA and 200mA in TX Mode. All products are approved by ETSI, FCC and are ETL and C/ETL Listed. For more information, please contact
Product number: A40890G5-SPI
Product type: OEM Module TRX
Protocols: DMX/RDM