The W-DMX COB (Chip on Board) is a transceiver solution in an ULTRA COMPACT 6x6mm size. Wireless Solution is the first to launch the SMT mounted Chip On Board RADIO TRANCEIVER that supports both DMX and RDM in a QFN48 package. The W-DMX COB is a low energy solution with only 40mA current consumption and facilitates distances up to 200 meters with a standard antenna together with a BlackBox F-1MK2. W-DMX COB is a low cost solution for less than 30 USD MSRP (List price) and this make it possible for every manufacturer to implement wireless DMX with support of RDM. The W-DMX Solution is fully updateable to W-DMX Generation 5, a unique adaptive frequency hopping to automatic avoid interference from other wireless network, a data-safe function with 128-bit encryption to avoid un-licensed use of W-DMX protocol. With Invisi-Wire and error correction and up 4 times wireless redundancy that re-send the wireless data 4 times faster over the air compare to DMX protocol on different radio frequencies make sure to produce the most stabile wireless DMX/RDM solution on the market. For more information, please contact