W-DMX™ turns 15

  • 08 April 2018

Wireless Solution has scheduled to release a new OEM product – the TiNY RDM Receiver– at Prolight + Sound 2018. This new OEM module is 20mm wide by 60mm long, perfect for small-sized products that require a W-DMX™ connection. The module was developed to be a hybrid solution and offer the customers a module that can have a pin-header or be directly solder to a PCB, on its backside pads. This RDM receiver supports 3.3V or 5V input, making it an easy integration to any manufacturer.

The new module is compatible with all OEM products and legacy W-DMX™ solutions. The module complies with the latest RED (Radio Equipment Directive) and it’s ETSI and FCC approved. The new module also supports Wireless software updates for firmware loading at an end-user level.

As the company matures with age, its legacy becomes more engrained in the industry, and its expertise in manufacturing Wireless DMX becomes a de facto standard across the industry. Wireless Solution Sweden will be celebrating its 15th anniversary at Prolight + Sound 2018, and is asking its users to help celebrating their achievements by joining the festivities on Wednesday the 11th at 4PM, in Hall 3.0 D37, in a very Swedish style, with meatballs and drinks.

The company will also be showcasing G5, the newest Wireless DMX tri-band protocol released last year, and proving to be extremely popular due to the increasing demand of a Wireless DMX solution that doesn’t only work on 2.4 GHz.

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO for the manufacturer said: “Wireless Solution will also celebrate its 750th thousand manufactured radio module in 2018 – the previous year was a record-breaking year for the company, having been able to produce over 150,000 manufactured modules in a single year, showing great trust by our users by creating demand for a reliable Wireless DMX solution”.