W-DMX™ strengthens position in Chile

  • 13 June 2018

Wireless Solution Sweden has recently strengthened its position in Chile, having taken its Wireless University program to South America.

The manufacturer spent a couple of days with Valook, its local distributor, and conducted internal and external training with its users. David Ferraz, International Business Development Manager for the Swedish company, said: “By educating the staff at Valook, it elevates our own technical and sales-force worldwide: W-DMX prides itself for creating these strategic alliances and grow its network. By providing specialist training, Valook becomes our first-line of support in Chile, and we expand the number of Spanish-speaking Wireless gurus”.

For Fabian Cortez, CEO of Valook, this was a very welcoming meeting: “This session has been long overdue, but W-DMX is never unresponsive, as we communicate frequently, often with Whatsapp!”. Fabian added: “We’re happy to see that W-DMX is spending time and resources into Spanish-speaking training sessions and marketing materials – our technicians have now doubled their confidence in the technology and will be the first to defend it”.

Wireless Solution is no stranger to South America, having distribution agreements in Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Venezuela. It’s also been the de-facto standard for many productions and installations in the continent, including Costanera Tower, World Cup events, Centro Cultural Néstor Kirchner, and many others.