W-DMX™ reaffirms commitment in Argentina

  • 19 June 2018

Wireless Solution has recently taken its Wireless University program to Buenos Aires, to reaffirm its commitment with Argentinean users.

Since 2012, W-DMX™ has worked with Stage Tech, the exclusive distributor for the Swedish manufacturer. For David Ferraz, International Business Development Manager for W-DMX™, Argentina is a key-market for the brand: “We’re excited to be involved with this market – the scale of opportunities in Latin America is enormous, and Argentina has an innovative and skilful talent pool. I trust our users are more confident with the technology and will be able to use it more often!”.

Antonio Agra, founder and CEO of Stage Tech, commented: “We are very proud to offer brands like Wireless Solution to our users – G5 brings an impressive number of features that improve the way you send Wireless DMX signal, and co-exist with other wireless devices in very crowded environments”. Antonio added: “We like to represent reliable products that our users love, like MA Lighting, DTS, Ayrton, and Wireless Solutions, among many others. We also have in-house technicians who can support and advise on how to best use W-DMX™, trained by the manufacturer themselves”.

In 2016, W-DMX™ was involved with the architectural lighting of the CCK (Centro Cultural Néstor Kirchner), having supplied WhiteBox F-1 units to the installer. Moreover, W-DMX™ is used by theatres like the Teatro Nacional Cervantes and Teatro Mercedes Sosa, and by rental companies like Pampin Luces, Esteban Lahuerta, CAI Anibal Sanchez Potocnik, JC Illumination among many others.