W-DMX™ connects Néstor Kirchner Centre in Argentina

  • 04 November 2016

The largest cultural centre in Latin America has undergone through a façade lighting installation – the Centro Cultural Néstor Kirchner in Buenos Aires – Argentina, opened last year, and has an impressive footprint of 15,000 square meters, with a total of 6 floors that accommodate 16 rehearsal rooms, 18 halls and 40 galleries, setting itself as the fourth largest cultural centre in the world.

To enhance its majestic design and virtues, the council commissioned façade lighting to be installed – This had, however, to include minimalist intervention and care of displaying the luminaires and the cables to connect them together. With that in mind, Stage Tech SRL – a distributor of stage lighting in the region – assisted with this challenging request.

Stage Tech liaised with the regional designer and installer – Offramp SRL – who specified Wireless Solution’s W-DMX™ technology: “In total we used 6 WhiteBoxes F-1 G4S transceivers, with 4 of them receiving two universes wirelessly”, said Antonio Agra, CEO of Stage Tech SRL. “We got a very specific order from the customer, and worked with Mr. Jose Luis Lopez from Offramp to make sure we could intervene in the simplest possible way”.

Because of the short distance between the transmitter and the receivers, the 3dBi antennas that come standard with the WhiteBox F-1 G4S units were enough: “The transmitter was actually placed inside the building, but at clean line-of-sight of all receivers. In the end, we succeeded in achieving a clean installation, and saved money in the process!”.

Controlling the lighting changes was an MA 2Port Node Pro: “Among other brands, we are proud to distribute Wireless Solution and MA Lighting in Argentina”, said Agra. “Supporting projects like this are very important to the success of any installation, and we are proud to have the team to do so.