W-DMX™ competes in Hockey Arena

  • 13 March 2018

Every year, the biggest student sporting event in Wales takes place in two Welsh cities, where several students from Cardiff and Swansea universities compete in many sports, including rugby, hockey, cricket, among many others.

This year, at the Cardiff Ice Arena, Cardiff Speaker Hire was responsible to supply the lighting and sound for the venue, during the Varsity – Cardiff vs Swansea Hockey match.

To speed up setup, the local company hired two W-DMX™ BlackBox F-1 G5 transceivers from Stage Lighting Services, to join two similar units already permanently installed in the venue, a job that was successfully completed last year by ON LX.

The transmitter unit was sending data to the other side of the area, about 100 meters away from our control point”, said James Walton, from ON LX. “We controlled 8 Chauvet moving-heads remotely, with an Avolites Tiger Touch 2”, he added.

The main reason for using these Wireless units came down to setup time: “It took us under one minute to deploy the units and start operating remotely”, Walton commented. “Even on 2.4 GHz, in a challenging venue with a lot of metal surfaces and 3,000 seats, the W-DMX™ devices worked flawlessly”.

W-DMX™ is no stranger to Hockey Stadiums – last year, over a dozen units were also installed at the Edmonton Arena in Canada, as a permanent install with the lighting rig.