W-DMX™ and Hex36 at Royal Adelaide Show

  • 26 September 2016

Staging Connections Adelaide used their brand new ShowPro Hex36 LED Floods at the Royal Adelaide Show with sixteen of them arranged around the main arena as effect lighting.

Originally intended as “traffic lights” to start and stop the Drone racing, the Hex36 ended up being integrated into the rest of the show for ute racing, effects lighting and to engage the audience.

The sheer brightness of the fixtures more than exceeded our expectations,” commented Ashley Gabriel, Staging Connections’ Regional General Manager. “Sixteen of them filled the main arena even if the stadium lights were turned off! The fixtures also had to withstand the Adelaide elements during the two week period they were in position facing high winds and driving rain as well as some warm sunny days – none of which affected the running or reliability of the Hex’s.”

Also making their debut were Staging Connections’ new Wireless Solution BlackBox F-1 wireless DMX transceivers and BlackBox R-512 with high gain antennas to control the fixtures.

“The DMX was solid even with 20,000 people in the arena and the general RF in the area too. We are very happy with the fixtures and equipment supplied.”

Wireless Solution is distributed in Australia and New Zealand exclusively by Show Technology.

(original article and photos by Show Technology)