The Voice Kids takes W-DMX™

  • 20 October 2017

ITV’s The Voice in the UK has recently taken W-DMX™ to operate an Aladdin panel soft light for lighting presenter links.

A bespoke-receiver using a W-DMX™ PRO TRX triple-band module was created by Dave Hallett from Big Tick, to be used lighting presenter links which are shot mostly on a wireless steadicam. This system was used in conjunction with an active and spare BlackBox F-1 G5, sending Wireless DMX data to the receivers. “The Steadicam does horrible things to the wireless spectrum, hence we ditched my previous Wireless DMX system – which couldn’t cope with the interference – and moved to W-DMX™ which has been fine ever since”, said Dave.

The box takes a DC input from a Makita battery, with the wireless receiver powered all the time so that the link is maintained. It also incorporates a switched feed to the DC output, so that the operator can easily turn power on an off to the Aladdin PSU. “During last Sunday’s transmission of The Voice Kids it worked flawlessly”, commented Dave back in July. Hallett also added: “It’s giving brightness and colour control to the TV lighting operators with ease, and I’m gradually overcoming my deep-seated fear of wireless!”.

Partly due to that old fear of wireless, Big Tick has recently taken delivery of a W-DMX™ UglyBox. “With the UglyBox I have a real time readout of signal strength during a site / stage survey to further reassure me that things are going to be fine when we’re live on the television!”

The custom receiver was wired with two flush buttons in series, so that the unlinking process only happens by pressing both buttons, for safety reasons: “Using OEM cards allows me to create this sort of thing which is specific to my situations and shows, and I now also have a battery powered wireless receiver with a battery life of over 72 hours!”, Dave concluded.