Studio Due lights up flagpole wirelessly

  • 02 December 2016

Studio Due, the Italian manufacturer of LED lighting technology, has recently commissioned a job in the United Arab Emirates, with the scope to light up a 128-meter flagpole, with a 450m2 flag.

The flagpole is located in city of Sharjah, on the Persian Gulf – Studio Due were requested to replace the fixtures previously installed with LED technology, and produce an even illumination along the length of the flagpole.

The new fixtures were placed on 7 plinths, each one 3 meters above ground, and using a long throw beam that could reach the top of the pole. The company decided to specify their City Beam LED24 RGBW/FC fixtures, with 5º lens, and all driven by W-DMX™, integrated as an OEM receiver in each unit.

Transmitting data to these units was a WhiteBox F-1 G4S with an Outdoor 12 antenna, positioned in the amphitheatre close to the flagpole, sending data directly to the Studio Due fixtures. This distance to the furthest point was 150 meters.

We decided to install units with integrated W-DMX™ due to how easy it would be to replace the previous 2kW fixtures by running everything wirelessly. The whole process was easy and effective, not to mention how much money it saved by not having to install cable all around the flagpole”, commented Paolo Carvone, Field Application Engineer for Studio Due.

Studio Due is has been an OEM partner since 2012 and continue developing projects with Wireless DMX worldwide.