SHOWTEC makes it Wireless

  • 03 July 2018

Dutch brand Showtec, by Highlite International, has recently released the Helix S5000, the latest addition to the range of outdoor washers.

This new unit is an upgrade to its predecessor, the Helix 4000, with 40 Prolight Opto RGBW 4 in 1 LEDs, IP-54, and the ability to do section control. This unit has the same colour and preset and personalities than the previous fixture and made sturdy for the most demanding outdoor applications.

All most SHOWTEC fixtures, the Helix S5000 comes with a Wireless Solution W-DMX receiver, able to get wireless signal from extremely long distances, thanks to its chassis-mounted antenna. The unit comes with the latest G5 module, which features W-DMX’s patented Adaptive Frequency Hopping technology, able to adapt its transmission around the most Wi-Fi congested areas.

As all W-DMX OEM products, the Helix S5000 is compatible with the entire Wireless Solution range, and able to work with any legacy product on 2.4 GHz.

Showtec is a very innovative brand that has adapted W-DMX from the very beginning”, says Shelly Li, Regional Sales Manager and OEM specialist at Wireless Solution. “Highlite’s users are already very familiar with the protocol and will not trade it for any other solution”.