MK Illumination uses W-DMX™ at Christmasworld

  • 15 February 2018

As we all recover from Christmas songs, warm wine and a stomach ache, the Austrian company MK Illumination was showcasing their services for Christmas 2018, at the Messe Frankfurt, in Germany.

MK specialises in bespoke festive lighting, and as part of their showcase, the team hung 142 25W LED flames, all with colour control, with a W-DMX™ COB transceiver. A total of 3 universes was rigged and controlled with two W-DMX™ BlackBox F-2 G5 transmitters. “Each flame had 7 channels“, said Lucas Himmler, electrical engineer at MK Illumination. “The first three controlled RGB change for the outside part of the flame and the following 3 controlled RGB for the inside part, plus channel a 7th channel to control the speed of the flickering algorithm“, added Lucas.

The system was up and running at the Messe Frankfurt, a notoriously difficult venue for wireless transmission, due to its in-house Wi-Fi system, that often disrupts other wireless networks. With this in mind, the MK team took along a W-DMX™ dongle with the configurator, to mask out the wireless channels that were showing signs of possible conflict.

W-DMX™ provides the advanced tools to deploy its wireless system in the most arduous venues”, explains David Ferraz, International Business Development Manager for Wireless Solution Sweden. “The system is rock solid, and our team is always happy to guide even through the most complex situations”.

Himmler also added: “We used W-DMX™ due to the speed of the installation – it would have had been more difficult to run a separate power and data line to each flame, rather than using Wireless DMX”.