Mauritius celebrates its 50th anniversary wirelessly

  • 15 March 2018

The Republic of Mauritius celebrates its 50th anniversary its independence from the British empire, and production company IPG was assigned to look after all audio-visual responsibilities for the grand event.

The event took over 8 weeks to build (including all rigging and staging), and hundreds or technicians involved with the production.

IPG’s Emanuel Blais, Technical Manager and Lighting Designer for the company, was responsible to put together all lighting needs for the event, and allocate almost all of IPG’s rental stock to the production. “We pre-programmed with WYSIWYG on a GrandMA 2”, commented Blais.

He added: “For this job, we also added 4x BlackBox F-2 and 2x BlackBox F-1 units to send data from FOH to the stage. The farthest distance was 100 meters, all the way upstage from front-of-house. We used the Outdoor 12 directional antennas, to make sure we did avoided interference at each receiver’s end. We just used it in default 2.4 GHz mode, and worked perfectly!”.

Impact Production Group are no strangers to wireless, and have in fact used it in many different events, including while driving around in a pick-up truck with a GrandMA and a BlackBox transmitter.

This show was the biggest we have been involved with – it was excellent, but a very difficult setup, as we had to face a lot of wind, rain and a cyclone near us!”, Emmanuel added.