LasermanCZ performs with W-DMX™

  • 28 February 2017

After debuting his show at the Czech Got Talent in 2012, Richard Mach launched his career as LasermanCZ, an interactive laser-show, that combines laser projection and performance, with a full-body LED suit and a well choreographed story-line. Richard has been touring ever since, making appearances in several events and corporate parties, not just in Czech Republic but through the world.

The routine varies, and has even featured more than one performer – the performance stands out when Richard alternates between the lights in his suit, and a clone of his silhouette made by laser beams, often in similar or contrasting colours.

Behind the scenes, Richard uses a W-DMX™ Micro R-512 G4S receiver, that controls the DMX of the LEDs, receiving data from a W-DMX™ Micro R-1 G4S transceiver. “Usually we place the transmitter on-stage or behind the projection net”, commented Mach. “The most challenging situation until now only took the transmitter 30 meters away from the performance area, but even then it worked great!”, he added.

There are five separate control areas: head, hands, body, legs and hand lasers, all wirelessly controlled. “When we looked at equipment, we got very good references of W-DMX™ – so we decided to go with it. We went for a reputable brand, despite any cost difference from alternatives, to guarantee a 100% reliable connection”, said Richard.

The laser effects are created with Pangolin LD2000, with new projects being prepared in Pangolin Beyond software, often projecting on Kvant Atom 1,5W RGB or, for bigger spaces, on Kvant ClubMax 6W RGB lasers.

All photos © LasermanCZ.