Glowing benches with Wireless DMX

  • 10 July 2017

It was in 2012, when artist Bernd Spieker concepted the light benches, having now been distinguished and placed all around the world. From Dusseldorf, Berlin, London and Jerusalem, Spieker’s work brings people together, inviting them to kindly have a seat.

The project was initially planned as a ‘single-object’ concept, but his idea grew into a chain of light benches, illuminated in synchrony, with dynamic light effects.

For the technical-construction, Spieker went to NOVA.D:sign, a German-based company that provides control solutions for temporary and fixed lighting installations. Thilo Beckmann, managing-director of NOVA.D:sign, implemented Wireless Solution’s W-DMX™ Pico OEM module, in a custom-made control box, at each bench. “The receiver had to be small enough to be placed discretely into each bench”, said Thilo. “W-DMX™ seemed the obvious choice for its reliable technology and ease of implementation”, he added.

Each installation is fitted with a Nicolaudie SLESA-U8 controller and a WhiteBox F-1 transceiver, sending latency-free data to each bench, often placed up to 300 meters from the transmitter. The transmitter has a 3dBi omni-directional antenna, and each bench a standard weatherproofed 2dBi antenna, with no need for intervention, besides regular maintenance.

Within half a year, three installations, with up to 22 light benches each, have been placed in three different cities, captivating the people who walk along these spaces. Bernd’s benches have certainly made their investors appreciate how these bring people together, and many shares on social-media they generate.”

You can see the installations at the Schlosshotel Fleesensee, Düsseldorf old town and Canada Square at Canary Wharf, London.