Climate-driven lighting installation uses W-DMX™

  • 20 January 2017

As 2016 wrapped up, a new installation in Otta – Norway was erected, creating a new landmark that visualizes a pioneering climate research for students at the local high school.

Pekka Stokke, the visual artist behind the design, programing and execution, created an installation of 40 RGB LED tubes, architectural RGBWA LED washes and an illuminated metal ring that can reproduce over 4 million looks, depending on data pulled from the Climate Lab ( The installation uses data like wind speed, temperature, atmospheric conditions and many others.

Part of the challenge during planning stages was to get DMX data to the piece, installed on a 46-meter-high grain silo. “Choosing W-DMX™ WhiteBox F-1 transceivers with external 12dBi antennas was a no-brainer for us”, commented Stokke. “We had used a bunch of them before, and never had any trouble. They just work.”

In the end, the WhiteBox F-1 G4S transmitter was set up 200 meters away from the landmark, sending the real-time data to another WhiteBox F-1 G4S receiver mounted flat on the wall with an Outdoor 12 antenna.”

It took more time opening the rusted old door to the roof than it took to have the Wireless DMX up and running. The installation has to fight strong winds and heavy rain/snow, and the wireless has to deliver a strong clean signal on a building that houses cell towers from several mobile service providers, emergency network antennas, broadband Wi-Fi antennas and other communication equipment. W-DMX™ by Wireless Solution Sweden never fails to impress”, added Pekka.

The project featured other highly regarded products from Martin Professional, Visual Productions BV, Artistic License, Enttec and many others, that delivered an impressive landmark that combines lighting control with intelligent data, with the purpose of climate change awareness.