Chilean Valook takes W-DMX™ to FIFA U-17 World Cup

  • 17 November 2015
  • National Stadium, Chile

The opening ceremony of the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2015 in Chile was filled with colour and performances in the National Stadium, honouring the Chilean culture and the new generations interested in the local traditions. W-DMX™ was one of the stars, along with the OEM partner Clay Paky, both brands distributed exclusively by Valook in Chile.

From Clay Paky there were 24 of the powerful new Mythos moving-heads, with 2 W-DMX™ Whitebox F-1 units, receiving the data from another WhiteBox F-1 at front-of-house. The setup included 12 dBi antennas on the transmitters and 8 dBi outdoor antennas on the receivers, boosting up the signal to more than the total length of the football stadium.

24 nations participated in the grand opening of the Cup, in a show designed around the theme “Colours of Chile”. The performance was produced by Esteban Icardi, who was involved with the American Cup in Chile this year and the Bicentennial celebration of La Moneda Palace. Also involved was Reinaldo Sepulveda, a famous Chilean cinema and TV director with vast portfolio in his field.

Esteban commented on the use of both manufacturers: “These events are an excellent way to show that we are focused in doing things well, using high-end manufacturers, specifically the Clay Paky and Wireless Solution equipment. This was broadcast to the world, we can’t waste such an opportunity to demonstrate good equipment and put on a good show”.

Francisco Yanez, Product Manager for Valook in Chile is the first to support the use of Wireless: “We believe it is very important that our customers use professional technologies. We know how important it is to work with products that are stable and reliable, and certainly with W-DMX™ is possible to secure any kind of show. Icardi is really an example of how to work professionally. They perform spectacular shows, always using these technologies beautifully. Wireless Solution has delivered a tool that allows total freedom to make any kind of lighting design.”

Asked about the reason to use Wireless, Francisco mentioned how the control point was on the back part of the stage, and although it wasn’t too far away from the lights, there were a lot of fixtures – the transmitter was set a higher point directed to all the fixtures on the stage.

“W-DMX™ is the simplest and professional solution for any type of event: from sending signal over long distances, to places where you have to send data to many luminaries from a single point. We are very happy to bring this kind of wonderful technologies to the professionals in the region” added Yanez, concluding this very successful event.

Valook have proved how to use the technology available in a very creative and effective way, creating yet again another outstanding story in South America.