W-DMX™ G5 in Hong Kong

Posted on: September 21st, 2017 by David Ferraz

Wireless Solution has recently visited ACE, the W-DMX™ distributor for Hong Kong, with three other offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou – the Swedish manufacturer organized a training session featuring over 10 staff from ACE, ranging from sales to customer support representatives, on the new W-DMX™ G5 series.

To be able to offer the best possible local training, Regional Sales Manager Shelly Li held the session in Chinese, in an effort to improve local knowledge and competence.

Paul Wu, from ACE, commented: “We are honoured that Wireless Solution came to visit us and offered this training on the new G5 product generation – this gave us a better understanding on how to use W-DMX™ in projects and how to better support our customers”.

Shelly Li added: “In China, training must be done in the local language – the relayed information, if not done adequately, can easily be misinterpreted. Wireless Solution is the only company that offers this to the Asian market, a key to our successful global presence.

Wireless Solution has over 60 active distributors worldwide, with products shipped to over 100 countries worldwide. The company employs staff that can support customers in over 7 languages.

CAMEO® joins W-DMX™ OEM Family

Posted on: September 19th, 2017 by David Ferraz

German-based Cameo® Light, a brand part of the Adam Hall Group, has recently joined W-DMX™’s OEM family, having released two new battery-powered IP65 PAR and a WiFi to W-DMX™ converter, with built-in W-DMX™ receivers.

The PARs have four 15 W RGBW Cree LEDs with a 50,000-hour lifetime and a powerful 1,900 lm output, with a precise 11º beam spread. What’s more, the units include a lithium-ion battery made by LG Chem, providing a reliable performance up to 24- in RGBW and complete 4 days using a single color from a single charge. The units are available in chrome or matt black.

Also debuting as a new product is the iDMX CORE, a WiFi to W-DMX™ converter that allows users to remotely control their fixtures with a dedicated App, and simultaneously send W-DMX™ data directly to their fixtures. This belt pack device also includes an LG Chem battery, allowing up to nine hours of continuous operation.

As the de-facto standard wireless DMX technology in the entertainment industry, W-DMX™ was the obvious choice for us. Wireless Solution AB’s great reputation after 14 years of existence sends a strong signal of confidence to our customers who use this advantageous wireless technology,” said Daniel Garcia, Product Manager – Light Technology at the Adam Hall Group.

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution Sweden, also added: “We are humbled to have Cameo® Light as part of our family and look forward to seeing all their innovations moving forward“.

Cameo® Light is a registered brand of the Adam Hall Group. For more information, please visit www.cameolight.com.



Information about the Adam Hall Group:



G5 with Us + Them Tour

Posted on: September 12th, 2017 by David Ferraz
Pink Floyd Co-Founder and mastermind of “The Wall” world tour – Roger Waters – came back this year to amaze everyone with Us + Them, a large-scale production that has had its debut in North America.

The astonishing production, featuring staging from TAIT and cutting-edge video, laser and lighting technologies, includes a pair of brand-new BlackBox F-1 G5 transceivers, sending Wireless DMX data to the flying inflatable pig.

The bespoke work was made by the Dutch company Eventions Products, who have also been involved with productions like Robbie Williams, Sensation, Rio Olympics, among many outstanding productions.

W-DMX™ Nano OEM RX G5 cards were wired to a custom high power LED controller with Lithium polymer batteries. “This was used to control the eyes of the pig, through RGB LEDs”, explained Peter McKenzie, Co-Founder of Eventions. “The battery pack with the Nano and the DMX LED driver were housed in a pocket inside the inflatable pig. The BlackBox F-1 G5 was placed at the FOH, with the pig floating 12 meters high”, McKenzie added. Peter and their team were also responsible for the structure and mechanics of the four chimneys in the backdrop.

Wireless DMX has been spotted touring around this year – in January it was used on the Adele Stadium Tour in Australia, and has now made its way to the Metallica European tour.

G5 is readily available through your local distributor.

Cleveland Metroparks Celebrates Centennial with W-DMX™

Posted on: September 11th, 2017 by David Ferraz

This summer, the centennial celebration of Cleveland Metroparks featured fireworks, events, and activities honoring the past and celebrating the future of Cleveland’s green urban landscapes. On a July evening, city dignitaries hosted a gala event which included dazzling outdoor lighting, supplied by ILC, and controlled by W-DMX™ wireless devices.

We utilised our new W-DMX™ G5 units to drive data for Elation Q5 Volt fixtures,” explains Renee Herbert, Business Development Executive at ILC.  “The event took place in the Brookside Reservation and was host to over 500 dignitaries and supporters of the Cleveland Metroparks.  Around the event’s entrance area, we utilized 50 fixtures to light trees and foliage in Cleveland Metroparks’ green and gold colours. The W-DMX™ units transmitted reliable data over 500 feet and ran consistently for several hours. This project had none of the technical complications that we typically see when running a wide area wireless DMX system. We’ll definitely be depending on W-DMX™ G5 again.”

ILC (Intelligent Lighting Creations) is based in Arlington Heights, Illinois, with over 20 years of experience designing and delivering extraordinary lighting systems for productions and events nationwide. With an extensive inventory of lighting technology and related services, ILC partners with customers, the country’s top designers, and technical directors. Coordinating with audio, video, scenery, automation and specialized rigging partners to ensure safety, technical success, ILC provides world-class productions and events and, of course world-class lighting systems.

W-DMX™ is a true “plug and play” system for transmitting both DMX and RDM data wirelessly.  With a full range of indoor, outdoor, OEM products, and accessories, W-DMX’s new generation G5 Technology represents a true breakthrough with features such as Doubling Up for twice the number of DMX universes; Personal Connectivity for smartphones or tablets; and especially Triple Band support in the 2.4, 5.8, and 5.2Ghz bandwidths, for reliable performance in even the toughest RF environments.

TMB is exclusive distributor for Wireless Solution Sweden in USA.

(Written by TMB)

W-DMX™ distributors gather in Sweden

Posted on: September 1st, 2017 by David Ferraz

Stenungsbaden, in the West-coast of Sweden, was the setting for the biannual W-DMX™ Open House, the event organised for worldwide distributors of the reputable Wireless DMX manufacturer.

This year’s meeting hosted twelve distributors and project specifiers at the Stenungsbaden Yacht Club, in a two-day conference that highlighted the benefits of G5 and the roadmap for global expansion. In total, over 20 guests learned about the advantages of the new generation, the new groundbreaking features that set W-DMX™ above the competition and gave them a networking opportunity with other Wireless Solution distributors.

Anders Zéllen, R&D Manager for Wireless Solution, commented: “It’s great to talk to our distributors about the technology we have been developing, getting their feedback, and teach them the many advanced features that set our product apart“.

The conference was also an opportunity to introduce the team behind the technology and our daily operations, giving a greater proximity between manufacturing to local distribution.

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution, also commented: “It’s important to put these events together every two-years, and not just talk about the new technology, but also to remind people of the advantages of Wireless DMX. It was great catching-up with everyone and we look forward to seeing our technology expanding worldwide”.

The G5 series are now shipping worldwide, and available through Wireless Solution’s local distributors.

Glowing benches with Wireless DMX

Posted on: July 10th, 2017 by David Ferraz

It was in 2012, when artist Bernd Spieker concepted the light benches, having now been distinguished and placed all around the world. From Dusseldorf, Berlin, London and Jerusalem, Spieker’s work brings people together, inviting them to kindly have a seat.

The project was initially planned as a ‘single-object’ concept, but his idea grew into a chain of light benches, illuminated in synchrony, with dynamic light effects.

For the technical-construction, Spieker went to NOVA.D:sign, a German-based company that provides control solutions for temporary and fixed lighting installations. Thilo Beckmann, managing-director of NOVA.D:sign, implemented Wireless Solution’s W-DMX™ Pico OEM module, in a custom-made control box, at each bench. “The receiver had to be small enough to be placed discretely into each bench”, said Thilo. “W-DMX™ seemed the obvious choice for its reliable technology and ease of implementation”, he added.

Each installation is fitted with a Nicolaudie SLESA-U8 controller and a WhiteBox F-1 transceiver, sending latency-free data to each bench, often placed up to 300 meters from the transmitter. The transmitter has a 3dBi omni-directional antenna, and each bench a standard weatherproofed 2dBi antenna, with no need for intervention, besides regular maintenance.

Within half a year, three installations, with up to 22 light benches each, have been placed in three different cities, captivating the people who walk along these spaces. Bernd’s benches have certainly made their investors appreciate how these bring people together, and many shares on social-media they generate.”

You can see the installations at the Schlosshotel Fleesensee, Düsseldorf old town and Canada Square at Canary Wharf, London.

W-DMX™ made a standard in Chile

Posted on: April 21st, 2017 by David Ferraz

In early January, the International Theatre Festival of Santiago de Chile did his annual aperture, in a joint production between two artistic groups, La Potagallina and Matucana 100. The first group – under artistic direction of Martin Erazo – developed a multicultural staging called “Sin Fronteras” (“Without Borders”), where actors from different nationalities called for the integration of Latin American people from all territories.

Lighting Designer Erasmo Cubillos was tasked to light the front of the Government Palace of Chile and the staging “Sin Fronteras”, a truck carrying the musicians, and several classic cars parading with many actors.

Four WhiteBox F-1 G4S Wireless DMX transceivers were used in these show, receiving data from another WhiteBox F-1 transceiver. Each of the four cars had several LED PARs, running lighting chases, contracting with the palace in the background.

The show was assisted by Julian Vivas and Francisco Valdivia, an experienced W-DMX™ user – “The systems from Wireless Solution are incredibly easy to use, and 100% reliable – we would never choose any other”, said Francisco.

The show also featured equipment from Avolites, Claypaky Sharpy and B-Eye K10 fixtures, in a collaborative work with Iluminación Chile, Icardi and Luzmila Chile.

Wireless Solution supports students from USW

Posted on: April 13th, 2017 by David Ferraz

The Swedish manufacturer of W-DMX™ has recently supported the students of University of South Wales in the UK, completing BSc. degrees in Live Event and Lighting Design. Wireless Solution provided Wireless technology to the final year students that wanted to integrate W-DMX™ into their final-year projects.

The USW degrees encourage students to create a lighting fixture that could be commercialized – this includes specifying, designing and creating a product prototype, before presenting it in a trade-show environment, along with other engineering students.

Flare – the featured product with W-DMX™ – was created by Charlie LaPage Norris, Oliver Jenni, Pedro Socias and Matt Didon, all final students from USW. The fixture includes a variable white LED source with an RGB backlight system, able to be pixel-mapped and with a Wireless Solution receiver as standard. Matt commented: “W-DMX™ was an invaluable asset to our project giving us the flexibility to expand operating ability. Integrating the OEM hardware provided was straightforward and we could not be more appreciative of Wireless Solution’s support“.

Incorporating Wireless DMX into our product brought Flare onto a whole new level above many existing fixtures on the market“, added Carlie LaPage Norris. “It increased the product’s capabilities and allowed us to target our fast-install target market far more successfully than would have been possible without this feature. In particular Wireless Solution’s W-DMX™ was the perfect answer for us due to how easy it was to incorporate the OEM hardware into Flare and the customer service we received which excelled expectations.”

Last year, Wireless Solution sponsored two students to be alongside the company at Light and Building and Prolight and Sound trade-shows, both in Frankfurt. This year, Wireless Solution provided the same sponsorship to student David Howard, currently doing a placement year at Enlightened Lighting in Bristol.

Stuart Green, course leader at University of South Wales, commented: “In the world we now live in an understanding of science and technology more important than ever. The support from Wireless Solution has enabled students to develop product and knowledge that will be invaluable as they enter the industry.

Wireless Solution is a strong supporter of the new Wireless generation: “I remember picking up one of our ‘Cable Sucks’ pin at a trade-show, when I was studying”, said David Ferraz, International Business Development Manager for Wireless Solution. “I still have it today. The strong impact our products have among younger technicians and designers is incredible – it makes them come up with brilliant ideas for outstanding lighting and product designs. Finding these projects makes my job even more enjoyable!”, David added.

Infinity Chimp 300 Lighting Controller powered by W-DMX™

Posted on: April 4th, 2017 by David Ferraz

Highlite’s Infinity Chimp 300 desk is being showcased at Prolight + Sound 2017 – it includes an output capable of transmitting DMX wirelessly with W-DMX™. This is the world first professional console with built-in wireless transmitter from W-DMX™

The Infinity Chimp 300 desk is a product making a statement in entertainment lighting – the desk houses a 22’’ full HD touchscreen, 4 encoders and 10 faders with multiple pages. It’s capable of outputting up to 4 universes (one of them wirelessly), and includes many user-friendly features to program even the most complex shows. With the W-DMX™ built inside it gives the lighting operator more freedom and faster setup.

The move to include a wireless universe is a natural one, for a brand who thrive on manufacturing fixtures with standard W-DMX™ – this addition makes it easier for users to quickly connect their devices to their console. Highlite is no stranger to Wireless Solution – they are and an esteemed OEM partner – with many of their product series, including Showtec and Infinity brands featuring Wireless DMX communication by W-DMX™.

Ron Schiffelers, R&D for Highlite International, stated: “We are sure this will be a great feature, and will be received with great enthusiasm by our users”. Ron added: “We expect this will provide an additional level of creativity and flexibility to events aided by this feature“.

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution Sweden, commented: “Highlite is no stranger to Wireless Solution – they are and an esteemed OEM partner – with many of their product series, including Showtec and Infinity brands featuring Wireless DMX communication by W-DMX™. We are truly happy they have included our technology in their new desk”.

The desk can be tested on Hall 5.0, Stand B.60 at Prolight + Sound, in Frankfurt.

W-DMX™ extravaganza down under

Posted on: March 20th, 2017 by David Ferraz

Aussie lighting specialists Resolution X, a company based in Melbourne and Sydney with an impressive track-record of high-profile production services, has recently supplied White Night Melbourne with lighting and rigging services. White Night is an outdoor art festival that attracts over 500,000 attendees each year.

The team deployed over 25 W-DMX™ transceivers and receivers over the White Night weekend through several spaces, from the Royal Exhibition Building (R.E.B.) and surrounding gardens. “Our control position was at the heart of the Carlton Gardens, where we had our new compact GrandMA onPC command wing Systems , running two separate W-DMX™ networks, each with a BlackBox F-1 G4S transceiver, and an 19dBi directional antenna”, commented Mark Hopkins, of Resolution X.

The first receiving point was 80 meters away, on a roof, feeding DMX to IP64 ShowPro Quad PARs, Claypaky Mythos and Sharpys. “The second system was the more impressive one” added Mark. “We placed 40 ShowPro Hercules, our battery-powered LED wash fixtures, lighting the trees along the path through Carlton Gardens and up the R.E.B. The system worked flawlessly over the 200+ meters, even with the antennae at only 1.8 meters high, and thousands of attendees all on their phones, creating a lot of noise in the 2.4GHz spectrum”.

In total, the team used a combination of BlackBox F-1 G4S transceivers, BlackBox F-2, and Micro R-512 G4S series, in a combination of transmitting and receiving to multiple locations, all interference and latency-free.

We wanted to test how far we could go wirelessly, so we took a Hercules fixture and walked over 500 meters, without losing a frame”, Mark commented.

W-DMX™ is a de-facto standard for Wireless DMX technology, with over 400,000 radio cards shipped worldwide, and an impressive track-record of reliability, used by artists worldwide like Adele, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, and used in theatre productions like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Dreamgirls, and many more. Wireless Solution is distributed and supported in Australia by Show Technology, a market leader in its segment.

LasermanCZ performs with W-DMX™

Posted on: February 28th, 2017 by David Ferraz

After debuting his show at the Czech Got Talent in 2012, Richard Mach launched his career as LasermanCZ, an interactive laser-show, that combines laser projection and performance, with a full-body LED suit and a well choreographed story-line. Richard has been touring ever since, making appearances in several events and corporate parties, not just in Czech Republic but through the world.

The routine varies, and has even featured more than one performer – the performance stands out when Richard alternates between the lights in his suit, and a clone of his silhouette made by laser beams, often in similar or contrasting colours.

Behind the scenes, Richard uses a W-DMX™ Micro R-512 G4S receiver, that controls the DMX of the LEDs, receiving data from a W-DMX™ Micro R-1 G4S transceiver. “Usually we place the transmitter on-stage or behind the projection net”, commented Mach. “The most challenging situation until now only took the transmitter 30 meters away from the performance area, but even then it worked great!”, he added.

There are five separate control areas: head, hands, body, legs and hand lasers, all wirelessly controlled. “When we looked at equipment, we got very good references of W-DMX™ – so we decided to go with it. We went for a reputable brand, despite any cost difference from alternatives, to guarantee a 100% reliable connection”, said Richard.

The laser effects are created with Pangolin LD2000, with new projects being prepared in Pangolin Beyond software, often projecting on Kvant Atom 1,5W RGB or, for bigger spaces, on Kvant ClubMax 6W RGB lasers.

All photos © LasermanCZ.

St. Petersburg’s cathedral connected with W-DMX™

Posted on: January 27th, 2017 by David Ferraz

St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St Petersburg, in Russia, has recently taken W-DMX™ in a revamp of the lighting and control systems of the space. The project was assigned to Candela, a local installation company, who completed the job in the end of 2016.

Designed by August Montferrand in mid-19th century, the space is a testament of Neo-Classicism, and of truly amazing painting, sculpture and mosaics. The engineers responsible for the refurbishment decided not to use any signal cable – as it would stand out from the iconic architecture – and use Micro G4S transceiver and receivers instead, making the whole installation completely wireless.

The project featured (1) Micro F-1 G4S transceiver and (5) Micro R-512 G4S receivers, located on the colonnades and central dome, receiving Wireless DMX data to control the lighting status across the cathedral, including wall washing, and spotting on central lusters. The distance between the transmitter and the furthest receiver was 50 meters. “As we were dealing with an important cultural monument, cable was not allowed in the installation”, said the Technical Project Manager at Candela, also adding: “we had a great chance to reduce the amount of cable at a great cost, with superb reliability”.

Wireless Solution Sweden is represented in Russia by Imlight Showtechnic. Vitaly Balandin, manager of ProLight department, commented: “Imlight is an ambassador for W-DMX™ in Russia. We believe in their high reliability, and love the versatility of their devices, as well as their compatibility with products from Clay Paky, DTS, Silver Star, Studio Due and many other brands that we also champion in Russia”.

Climate-driven lighting installation uses W-DMX™

Posted on: January 20th, 2017 by David Ferraz

As 2016 wrapped up, a new installation in Otta – Norway was erected, creating a new landmark that visualizes a pioneering climate research for students at the local high school.

Pekka Stokke, the visual artist behind the design, programing and execution, created an installation of 40 RGB LED tubes, architectural RGBWA LED washes and an illuminated metal ring that can reproduce over 4 million looks, depending on data pulled from the Climate Lab (Klimalab.no). The installation uses data like wind speed, temperature, atmospheric conditions and many others.

Part of the challenge during planning stages was to get DMX data to the piece, installed on a 46-meter-high grain silo. “Choosing W-DMX™ WhiteBox F-1 transceivers with external 12dBi antennas was a no-brainer for us”, commented Stokke. “We had used a bunch of them before, and never had any trouble. They just work.”

In the end, the WhiteBox F-1 G4S transmitter was set up 200 meters away from the landmark, sending the real-time data to another WhiteBox F-1 G4S receiver mounted flat on the wall with an Outdoor 12 antenna.”

It took more time opening the rusted old door to the roof than it took to have the Wireless DMX up and running. The installation has to fight strong winds and heavy rain/snow, and the wireless has to deliver a strong clean signal on a building that houses cell towers from several mobile service providers, emergency network antennas, broadband Wi-Fi antennas and other communication equipment. W-DMX™ by Wireless Solution Sweden never fails to impress”, added Pekka.

The project featured other highly regarded products from Martin Professional, Visual Productions BV, Artistic License, Enttec and many others, that delivered an impressive landmark that combines lighting control with intelligent data, with the purpose of climate change awareness.

Wisconsin Gas Building takes W-DMX™

Posted on: December 27th, 2016 by David Ferraz

One of Milwaukee’s most famous buildings got a face-lift with a brand-new lighting refit and smart control, responsive to the weather conditions – the iconic gas flame, that was added in 1956, indicates the weather forecast by its color and flicker. This weather beacon was turned off in 1973 because of that year’s energy crisis, but turned back on in 1985 – it has now been updated with an incredible LED system that lights up the entire building. MainStage, a US-based theatrical supplier and integrator, was responsible for this project.

The original neon lighting inside the iconic Flame sculpture was replaced with all-new LED new lighting fixtures consisting of 36 – Color Kinetics ColorGraze MX4 fixtures. In addition to the flame centerpiece, over 150 Chauvet Colorado fixtures were used provide colored accent lighting for the main building structure.

The majority of control distribution is achieved by using a combination of Wireless Solution’s WhiteBox F-1 G4S transceivers – a total of 20 units send data wirelessly to several points of the building. A total of (16) Outdoor 12 directional antennas and (4) Outdoor 8 omni-directional antennas were used – the maximum distance transmitter was 170ft. “Due to the high-traffic of other wireless networks, the use of directional antennas was recommended, enabling our receivers to bypass any noise from the surroundings”, said Tripp Oliver, Systems & Design Manager for MainStage.

When asked about the use of equipment, Oliver said: “Wireless DMX was used due to the difficulty in getting wire from the control rack on the 20th floor down to the lighting on floors 3 – 17. The building was built in the late 20’s, and getting wire down from the top and then out to the fixtures on each floor was going to cost a considerable amount of money. W-DMX™ was specifically chosen due to the hearty nature of the product and the large temperature range in which it will operate.”

The system also includes equipment from Pathway Connectivity and is controlled via an ETC Mosaic system, which allows for both automated and direct control of the entire system, 24/7.

Wireless Solution Sweden is distributed and supported by TMB in the USA.


(Wireless Solution Sweden does not own copyrights for these pictures, for illustration purposes only. Pictures are owned by Milwaukee Business Journal and TODAY’S TMJ4)

Estonian Drama School performs with W-DMX™

Posted on: December 15th, 2016 by David Ferraz

The Estonian Drama School have recently renewed their lighting equipment, and a part of the new investment included Wireless DMX equipment from Wireless Solution.

The school invested in 2x Micro F-1 Lite G4S units and 10x Micro R-512 Lite G4S in order to feed data to the new equipment fitted in places without any cabling infrastructure – this saved a lot of time and money as the school didn’t have to renovate the theatre space in the middle of learning period. Furthermore, as the building is almost 800 years old and located in the middle of the old town and under strict heritage legislation, the permission for such works would take a long time to get approved and would result in an immense cost to the institution.

Kalle Karindi, Director of Estonian dealer Focuspoint, commented: “This is a great example of how Wireless DMX can save a lot of money to any institution: the deployment time is minimum and the results are outstanding – the money saved here allowed the school to make other well-needed investments such like new ellipsoidals and moving-heads. Wireless Solution created a great product for applications like this one!”.

Wireless Solution Sweden are the market-leader for reliable Wireless DMX technology, and actively represented in over 60 countries.

W-DMX™ provides connection in the Mauritius Island

Posted on: December 12th, 2016 by David Ferraz

The annual festival of contemporary culture has taken place one again in Port Louis – Mauritius, and local AV company Impact Production Group was commissioned to handle the audiovisual needs to make the event happen.

The majority of the event took place outdoors, starting at The Port, down to the Place D’Armes to the Company Garden – in total, the lighting team would have to deploy equipment in 9 buildings and 2 green spaces for 3 evenings – Emanuel Blais, Technical Manager for IPG, was tasked to create a technical plan: “We knew that it would be a challenge, but nothing is impossible – we decided to control the remote locations wirelessly, with W-DMX™. This saved us a total of 1,200 meters of cables through the streets, saving us an enormous time for programming the sequences”.

Emanuel – with no experience in using Wireless DMX – came to Wireless Solution for advice, and together with the W-DMX™ technical team, came up with a solution. “We decided to specify our BlackBox F-2 and F-1 units, to control 5 universes wirelessly”, said David Ferraz, International Business Development Manager for Wireless Solution.

In total, 4x BlackBox F-2 and 2x BlackBox F-1 units were used, along with Panel 8/10 antennas and one W-DMX™ dongle. “Having directionality in this setup was vital, as the organisers were expecting over 300,000 people over three days. This way we wouldn’t disturb any other wireless networks, and guarantee a reliable signal to our receivers”, commented David. The furthest building was located 200 meters away from the control point, with two BlackBox F-2 and one BlackBox F-1 working as transmitters from FOH. “This enabled us to move the console around and program wirelessly”, said Blais, who also added: “We tried going to a maximum of 400 meters – the system worked as if we hadn’t moved!”.

The kit supplied included 370 LED Pars, 13 Robe BMFL heads, 36 Claypaky Sharpy, 1 GrandMA2 Light, over 7km of wiring and a total of 15 buildings lit – “Wireless DMX was indispensable, as we would never had been able to reach some of the places where we had equipment”, said Emanuel Blais. “I liked how quick it was to link the boxes, and how well it worked. Many thanks do David and the team who helped us over the phone and skype through the planning and deployment of the kit.

Wireless Solution Sweden is the most global brand of Wireless DMX technology, present in over 100 countries, with a track-record of reliability and know-how, and unofficially named the standard of Wireless DMX.