MK Illumination uses W-DMX™ at Christmasworld

Posted on: February 15th, 2018 by David Ferraz

As we all recover from Christmas songs, warm wine and a stomach ache, the Austrian company MK Illumination was showcasing their services for Christmas 2018, at the Messe Frankfurt, in Germany.

MK specialises in bespoke festive lighting, and as part of their showcase, the team hung 142 25W LED flames, all with colour control, with a W-DMX™ COB transceiver. A total of 3 universes was rigged and controlled with two W-DMX™ BlackBox F-2 G5 transmitters. “Each flame had 7 channels“, said Lucas Himmler, electrical engineer at MK Illumination. “The first three controlled RGB change for the outside part of the flame and the following 3 controlled RGB for the inside part, plus channel a 7th channel to control the speed of the flickering algorithm“, added Lucas.

The system was up and running at the Messe Frankfurt, a notoriously difficult venue for wireless transmission, due to its in-house Wi-Fi system, that often disrupts other wireless networks. With this in mind, the MK team took along a W-DMX™ dongle with the configurator, to mask out the wireless channels that were showing signs of possible conflict.

W-DMX™ provides the advanced tools to deploy its wireless system in the most arduous venues”, explains David Ferraz, International Business Development Manager for Wireless Solution Sweden. “The system is rock solid, and our team is always happy to guide even through the most complex situations”.

Himmler also added: “We used W-DMX™ due to the speed of the installation – it would have had been more difficult to run a separate power and data line to each flame, rather than using Wireless DMX”. 

MOSAICO projects wirelessly with W-DMX™

Posted on: January 25th, 2018 by David Ferraz

Prolights’ MOSAICO is a powerful 200W outdoor LED fixture for projection of textures, images and logos over building and landscapes.

This powerful projector has an output of 11388lm and is a direct replacement for 1200 HID fixtures, with durable and more advanced tools.

The fixture from the Italian brand features W-DMX™ wireless control directly to the unit, with no latency and reliable W-DMX™ connection that all Proligths and W-DMX™ user already expect.

MOSAICO also includes a complete set of on-board effects and zoomable optics, making it extremely versatile for both near-field and long-throw installations.

Portman to use W-DMX™ in P3 PIX3L

Posted on: January 16th, 2018 by David Ferraz

Portman Lights, a manufacturer of stage lighting based in Poland, has recently announced the release of their new P3 PIX3L, a tungsten fixture with built in dimmers and electronic kit, and three separate channels for individual control.

Portman have also included an optional W-DMX™ control capable of controlling DMX and RDM with the reliable wireless technology from Wireless Solution Sweden.

The new fixture has a similar look to the other two in the family, and comes with three sources of 230W halogen lamps, giving it a powerful 690W of maximum output.

Portman has a wide network of distributors worldwide, most of whom already familiar to Wireless DMX. David Ferraz, International Business Development Manager for W-DMX™ commented: “We are very happy to have the opportunity to work with Łukasz and Dominik from Portman – they are great guys, and we do look forward to seeing our technology being used by Portman customers”.


W-DMX™ partners with Schréder

Posted on: November 14th, 2017 by David Ferraz

The leading Swedish manufacturer of Wireless DMX technology has recently supplied the global group Schréder, an architecturally driven manufacturer and integrator of outdoor luminaires.

The Italian division has recently fitted several LED flood lights with RGB control in the Municipality of Alba, in the province of Cuneo. Alba is considered the capital of the UNESCO Human Heritage, and therefore has several restrictions for new outdoor installations.

As part of the specifications, Schréder had to light up the Medieval Bell Tower, as well as the Bonino and Parussa towers, all monuments visible from the town square. This included a total of fourteen new LED fixtures that washed the entire monuments. The council also had in mind to reduce the energetic bill considerably, by replacing the existent incandescent sources to new energy-efficient luminaires.

In order to connect all the new fixtures to a centralised control position, Wireless Solution was asked to provide 5x WhiteBox F-1 G5 transceivers, sending one universe of DMX to multiple locations, and 7x WhiteBox F-2 G5 dual-link transceivers to receive data to a local position, and repeat the signal around the medieval construction. The DMX playback control was provided by a Pharos LPC1 controller.

Marco Ugo, Filed Application Engineer at Schréder S.p.A, liaised with Wireless Solution through the process: “The brand was recommended to us by our headquarters in Belgium – the W-DMX™ team quickly helped us specifying the project and guided us through the installation. The system just worked!”.

In the past year we have supplied the Belgium and Hungary divisions on multiple projects, one of them fitted in Jerusalem”, commented David Ferraz, International Business Development Manager for Wireless Solution Sweden. “We’re delighted to partner with such a reputable company, and offer a system that truly fits their needs, without reinventing what already is a trusted and reliable technology”.

W-DMX™ strong at LDI

Posted on: November 8th, 2017 by David Ferraz

Wireless Solution Sweden will be exhibiting at LDI, with TMB, its exclusive distributor in the United States. W-DMX™ will be in booth 1491, within the TMB village.

The Swedish brand will be showing the new Generation 5, a powerful new product series that debuted last year, and started shipping early 2017 – G5 is the result of two years in development, and an assurance that our users will be investing into a reliable product that will still be able to withstand the new wireless challenges through years to come.

New features include patent pending tri-band technology, enabling transmission in 2.4, 5.2 and 5.8 GHz, bands and new and improved Adaptive Frequency Hopping engine [able to survey and adapt its transmission to less congested wireless channels]. Wireless Solution has been in the forefront of Wireless DMX technology in double and tri-bands, having been the first manufacturer to give another frequency to transmit in – this addition is extremely important in today’s world where the wireless spectrum becomes busier, especially in bigger venues.

Moreover, W-DMX™ G5 features the world’s first double-up mode, a new method of doubling the number of universes transmitters per Wireless link [2 universes on F-1 G5 models, and 4 universes of F-2 G5 models], utilizing the existent hardware, without adding extra antennae. This is particularly useful when transmitting to a higher number of fixtures or with a larger channel count. The Double-Up feature works on all three frequency bands, allowing users to get more universes at the same cost.

Adding to the list of new features will be our new Personal Connectivity technology, where users will be able to connect any mobile device and directly control their fixtures through any lighting app. With this upgrade, lighting operators, technicians or gaffers will be able to control any corporate event straight from their personal devices, without the need to a lighting console.  The Swedish manufacturer will also be implementing a Wireless Update feature, giving a direct link between products to remotely perform software updates, thus saving time and making service faster and smoother.

The new product series also includes a new facelift to the Micro and WhiteBox series, adding new and useful hardware features, and a distinctive edge to the brand.

The Voice Kids takes W-DMX™

Posted on: October 20th, 2017 by David Ferraz

ITV’s The Voice in the UK has recently taken W-DMX™ to operate an Aladdin panel soft light for lighting presenter links.

A bespoke-receiver using a W-DMX™ PRO TRX triple-band module was created by Dave Hallett from Big Tick, to be used lighting presenter links which are shot mostly on a wireless steadicam. This system was used in conjunction with an active and spare BlackBox F-1 G5, sending Wireless DMX data to the receivers. “The Steadicam does horrible things to the wireless spectrum, hence we ditched my previous Wireless DMX system – which couldn’t cope with the interference – and moved to W-DMX™ which has been fine ever since”, said Dave.

The box takes a DC input from a Makita battery, with the wireless receiver powered all the time so that the link is maintained. It also incorporates a switched feed to the DC output, so that the operator can easily turn power on an off to the Aladdin PSU. “During last Sunday’s transmission of The Voice Kids it worked flawlessly”, commented Dave back in July. Hallett also added: “It’s giving brightness and colour control to the TV lighting operators with ease, and I’m gradually overcoming my deep-seated fear of wireless!”.

Partly due to that old fear of wireless, Big Tick has recently taken delivery of a W-DMX™ UglyBox. “With the UglyBox I have a real time readout of signal strength during a site / stage survey to further reassure me that things are going to be fine when we’re live on the television!”

The custom receiver was wired with two flush buttons in series, so that the unlinking process only happens by pressing both buttons, for safety reasons: “Using OEM cards allows me to create this sort of thing which is specific to my situations and shows, and I now also have a battery powered wireless receiver with a battery life of over 72 hours!”, Dave concluded.

W-DMX™ for Pioneer DJ

Posted on: October 4th, 2017 by David Ferraz

Star Light Production Services, a UK-based events company, have recently supplied W-DMX™ BlackBox F-1’s and Avolites Quartz to an event for Pioneer DJ, on their latest DDJ-XP1 Performance Product Launch Video.

With a lighting design consisting of over 30 RGB Encapsulates, as well as 12 Martin Professional Atomic 3000 LED Strobes, the lighting control system provided a completely trouble free Wireless DMX control solution in the long 120m Print Works main print Press Halls where the video was filmed and produced, in London.

Adam from Star Light commented, “With such a long straight run down the entire length of the Print Works Press halls, we required a quick, simple and efficient wireless DMX solution that could enable us to feed data control to the driver boxes for the encapsulate tubes, as well as feed to the Atomics located at ground level along the sheer length of the venue. We instantly knew (W-DMX™) F-1’s would be the answer, and for peace of mind 9 units were specified (8 by each driver box as RX’s, and one by lighting control as TX) and supplied”.

Star Light Production Services have been a long-time Wireless DMX user, having not just the G4 range but recently invested in the new Generation 5.

Adam also added: “I simply love W-DMX™ from Wireless Solution. It just simply works… works well … and has great support from David and the team. On this project, time was an issue, like in all film shoots and productions, so it was a complete no brainer as to what we would use!”

White Light Ltd is the exclusive distributor of W-DMX™ in the UK.


(text and photos by Adam Hetherington @ Star Light).

Chauvet Maverick thrive with Wireless DMX

Posted on: September 29th, 2017 by David Ferraz

Chauvet Professional’s Maverick range, a trendsetter series that has been changing the entertainment lighting landscape, has once again come out with a new product, the MK Pyxis. The newest unit can produce an endless array of effects thanks to its unique design, that includes an outer ring of RGBW LEDs, a powerful zooming centre pixel, 360-degree continues pan and tilt movements, and many other performance features.

What’s very unique about the entire series is the standard W-DMX™ control that Chauvet offers in every single fixture that comes out the production line. All units are RDM enabled for remote addressing and troubleshooting, even with Wireless DMX. Last year, Albert Chauvet highlighted: “Since 2011, Wireless Solution has been the exclusive wireless DMX provider for Chauvet Professional.”

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution, commented: “Chauvet Professional is the few lighting manufacturers in the world committed to including Wireless DMX as standard in an entire product series. We are delighted with their trust in the technology, and the well acceptance by all Chauvet users”.

Chauvet Professional currently have 10 different products with W-DMX™ as a standard control feature. Working on 2.4 GHz, the fixtures are compatible with any W-DMX™ transmitter. The W-DMX™ technology includes its propriety Adaptive Frequency Hopping, data-safe and invisi-wire features.

W-DMX™ G5 in Hong Kong

Posted on: September 21st, 2017 by David Ferraz

Wireless Solution has recently visited ACE, the W-DMX™ distributor for Hong Kong, with three other offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou – the Swedish manufacturer organized a training session featuring over 10 staff from ACE, ranging from sales to customer support representatives, on the new W-DMX™ G5 series.

To be able to offer the best possible local training, Regional Sales Manager Shelly Li held the session in Chinese, in an effort to improve local knowledge and competence.

Paul Wu, from ACE, commented: “We are honoured that Wireless Solution came to visit us and offered this training on the new G5 product generation – this gave us a better understanding on how to use W-DMX™ in projects and how to better support our customers”.

Shelly Li added: “In China, training must be done in the local language – the relayed information, if not done adequately, can easily be misinterpreted. Wireless Solution is the only company that offers this to the Asian market, a key to our successful global presence.

Wireless Solution has over 60 active distributors worldwide, with products shipped to over 100 countries worldwide. The company employs staff that can support customers in over 7 languages.

CAMEO® joins W-DMX™ OEM Family

Posted on: September 19th, 2017 by David Ferraz

German-based Cameo® Light, a brand part of the Adam Hall Group, has recently joined W-DMX™’s OEM family, having released two new battery-powered IP65 PAR and a WiFi to W-DMX™ converter, with built-in W-DMX™ receivers.

The PARs have four 15 W RGBW Cree LEDs with a 50,000-hour lifetime and a powerful 1,900 lm output, with a precise 11º beam spread. What’s more, the units include a lithium-ion battery made by LG Chem, providing a reliable performance up to 24- in RGBW and complete 4 days using a single color from a single charge. The units are available in chrome or matt black.

Also debuting as a new product is the iDMX CORE, a WiFi to W-DMX™ converter that allows users to remotely control their fixtures with a dedicated App, and simultaneously send W-DMX™ data directly to their fixtures. This belt pack device also includes an LG Chem battery, allowing up to nine hours of continuous operation.

As the de-facto standard wireless DMX technology in the entertainment industry, W-DMX™ was the obvious choice for us. Wireless Solution AB’s great reputation after 14 years of existence sends a strong signal of confidence to our customers who use this advantageous wireless technology,” said Daniel Garcia, Product Manager – Light Technology at the Adam Hall Group.

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution Sweden, also added: “We are humbled to have Cameo® Light as part of our family and look forward to seeing all their innovations moving forward“.

Cameo® Light is a registered brand of the Adam Hall Group. For more information, please visit



Information about the Adam Hall Group:

G5 with Us + Them Tour

Posted on: September 12th, 2017 by David Ferraz
Pink Floyd Co-Founder and mastermind of “The Wall” world tour – Roger Waters – came back this year to amaze everyone with Us + Them, a large-scale production that has had its debut in North America.

The astonishing production, featuring staging from TAIT and cutting-edge video, laser and lighting technologies, includes a pair of brand-new BlackBox F-1 G5 transceivers, sending Wireless DMX data to the flying inflatable pig.

The bespoke work was made by the Dutch company Eventions Products, who have also been involved with productions like Robbie Williams, Sensation, Rio Olympics, among many outstanding productions.

W-DMX™ Nano OEM RX G5 cards were wired to a custom high power LED controller with Lithium polymer batteries. “This was used to control the eyes of the pig, through RGB LEDs”, explained Peter McKenzie, Co-Founder of Eventions. “The battery pack with the Nano and the DMX LED driver were housed in a pocket inside the inflatable pig. The BlackBox F-1 G5 was placed at the FOH, with the pig floating 12 meters high”, McKenzie added. Peter and their team were also responsible for the structure and mechanics of the four chimneys in the backdrop.

Wireless DMX has been spotted touring around this year – in January it was used on the Adele Stadium Tour in Australia, and has now made its way to the Metallica European tour.

G5 is readily available through your local distributor.

Cleveland Metroparks Celebrates Centennial with W-DMX™

Posted on: September 11th, 2017 by David Ferraz

This summer, the centennial celebration of Cleveland Metroparks featured fireworks, events, and activities honoring the past and celebrating the future of Cleveland’s green urban landscapes. On a July evening, city dignitaries hosted a gala event which included dazzling outdoor lighting, supplied by ILC, and controlled by W-DMX™ wireless devices.

We utilised our new W-DMX™ G5 units to drive data for Elation Q5 Volt fixtures,” explains Renee Herbert, Business Development Executive at ILC.  “The event took place in the Brookside Reservation and was host to over 500 dignitaries and supporters of the Cleveland Metroparks.  Around the event’s entrance area, we utilized 50 fixtures to light trees and foliage in Cleveland Metroparks’ green and gold colours. The W-DMX™ units transmitted reliable data over 500 feet and ran consistently for several hours. This project had none of the technical complications that we typically see when running a wide area wireless DMX system. We’ll definitely be depending on W-DMX™ G5 again.”

ILC (Intelligent Lighting Creations) is based in Arlington Heights, Illinois, with over 20 years of experience designing and delivering extraordinary lighting systems for productions and events nationwide. With an extensive inventory of lighting technology and related services, ILC partners with customers, the country’s top designers, and technical directors. Coordinating with audio, video, scenery, automation and specialized rigging partners to ensure safety, technical success, ILC provides world-class productions and events and, of course world-class lighting systems.

W-DMX™ is a true “plug and play” system for transmitting both DMX and RDM data wirelessly.  With a full range of indoor, outdoor, OEM products, and accessories, W-DMX’s new generation G5 Technology represents a true breakthrough with features such as Doubling Up for twice the number of DMX universes; Personal Connectivity for smartphones or tablets; and especially Triple Band support in the 2.4, 5.8, and 5.2Ghz bandwidths, for reliable performance in even the toughest RF environments.

TMB is exclusive distributor for Wireless Solution Sweden in USA.

(Written by TMB)

W-DMX™ distributors gather in Sweden

Posted on: September 1st, 2017 by David Ferraz

Stenungsbaden, in the West-coast of Sweden, was the setting for the biannual W-DMX™ Open House, the event organised for worldwide distributors of the reputable Wireless DMX manufacturer.

This year’s meeting hosted twelve distributors and project specifiers at the Stenungsbaden Yacht Club, in a two-day conference that highlighted the benefits of G5 and the roadmap for global expansion. In total, over 20 guests learned about the advantages of the new generation, the new groundbreaking features that set W-DMX™ above the competition and gave them a networking opportunity with other Wireless Solution distributors.

Anders Zéllen, R&D Manager for Wireless Solution, commented: “It’s great to talk to our distributors about the technology we have been developing, getting their feedback, and teach them the many advanced features that set our product apart“.

The conference was also an opportunity to introduce the team behind the technology and our daily operations, giving a greater proximity between manufacturing to local distribution.

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution, also commented: “It’s important to put these events together every two-years, and not just talk about the new technology, but also to remind people of the advantages of Wireless DMX. It was great catching-up with everyone and we look forward to seeing our technology expanding worldwide”.

The G5 series are now shipping worldwide, and available through Wireless Solution’s local distributors.

Glowing benches with Wireless DMX

Posted on: July 10th, 2017 by David Ferraz

It was in 2012, when artist Bernd Spieker concepted the light benches, having now been distinguished and placed all around the world. From Dusseldorf, Berlin, London and Jerusalem, Spieker’s work brings people together, inviting them to kindly have a seat.

The project was initially planned as a ‘single-object’ concept, but his idea grew into a chain of light benches, illuminated in synchrony, with dynamic light effects.

For the technical-construction, Spieker went to NOVA.D:sign, a German-based company that provides control solutions for temporary and fixed lighting installations. Thilo Beckmann, managing-director of NOVA.D:sign, implemented Wireless Solution’s W-DMX™ Pico OEM module, in a custom-made control box, at each bench. “The receiver had to be small enough to be placed discretely into each bench”, said Thilo. “W-DMX™ seemed the obvious choice for its reliable technology and ease of implementation”, he added.

Each installation is fitted with a Nicolaudie SLESA-U8 controller and a WhiteBox F-1 transceiver, sending latency-free data to each bench, often placed up to 300 meters from the transmitter. The transmitter has a 3dBi omni-directional antenna, and each bench a standard weatherproofed 2dBi antenna, with no need for intervention, besides regular maintenance.

Within half a year, three installations, with up to 22 light benches each, have been placed in three different cities, captivating the people who walk along these spaces. Bernd’s benches have certainly made their investors appreciate how these bring people together, and many shares on social-media they generate.”

You can see the installations at the Schlosshotel Fleesensee, Düsseldorf old town and Canada Square at Canary Wharf, London.

W-DMX™ made a standard in Chile

Posted on: April 21st, 2017 by David Ferraz

In early January, the International Theatre Festival of Santiago de Chile did his annual aperture, in a joint production between two artistic groups, La Potagallina and Matucana 100. The first group – under artistic direction of Martin Erazo – developed a multicultural staging called “Sin Fronteras” (“Without Borders”), where actors from different nationalities called for the integration of Latin American people from all territories.

Lighting Designer Erasmo Cubillos was tasked to light the front of the Government Palace of Chile and the staging “Sin Fronteras”, a truck carrying the musicians, and several classic cars parading with many actors.

Four WhiteBox F-1 G4S Wireless DMX transceivers were used in these show, receiving data from another WhiteBox F-1 transceiver. Each of the four cars had several LED PARs, running lighting chases, contracting with the palace in the background.

The show was assisted by Julian Vivas and Francisco Valdivia, an experienced W-DMX™ user – “The systems from Wireless Solution are incredibly easy to use, and 100% reliable – we would never choose any other”, said Francisco.

The show also featured equipment from Avolites, Claypaky Sharpy and B-Eye K10 fixtures, in a collaborative work with Iluminación Chile, Icardi and Luzmila Chile.

Wireless Solution supports students from USW

Posted on: April 13th, 2017 by David Ferraz

The Swedish manufacturer of W-DMX™ has recently supported the students of University of South Wales in the UK, completing BSc. degrees in Live Event and Lighting Design. Wireless Solution provided Wireless technology to the final year students that wanted to integrate W-DMX™ into their final-year projects.

The USW degrees encourage students to create a lighting fixture that could be commercialized – this includes specifying, designing and creating a product prototype, before presenting it in a trade-show environment, along with other engineering students.

Flare – the featured product with W-DMX™ – was created by Charlie LaPage Norris, Oliver Jenni, Pedro Socias and Matt Didon, all final students from USW. The fixture includes a variable white LED source with an RGB backlight system, able to be pixel-mapped and with a Wireless Solution receiver as standard. Matt commented: “W-DMX™ was an invaluable asset to our project giving us the flexibility to expand operating ability. Integrating the OEM hardware provided was straightforward and we could not be more appreciative of Wireless Solution’s support“.

Incorporating Wireless DMX into our product brought Flare onto a whole new level above many existing fixtures on the market“, added Carlie LaPage Norris. “It increased the product’s capabilities and allowed us to target our fast-install target market far more successfully than would have been possible without this feature. In particular Wireless Solution’s W-DMX™ was the perfect answer for us due to how easy it was to incorporate the OEM hardware into Flare and the customer service we received which excelled expectations.”

Last year, Wireless Solution sponsored two students to be alongside the company at Light and Building and Prolight and Sound trade-shows, both in Frankfurt. This year, Wireless Solution provided the same sponsorship to student David Howard, currently doing a placement year at Enlightened Lighting in Bristol.

Stuart Green, course leader at University of South Wales, commented: “In the world we now live in an understanding of science and technology more important than ever. The support from Wireless Solution has enabled students to develop product and knowledge that will be invaluable as they enter the industry.

Wireless Solution is a strong supporter of the new Wireless generation: “I remember picking up one of our ‘Cable Sucks’ pin at a trade-show, when I was studying”, said David Ferraz, International Business Development Manager for Wireless Solution. “I still have it today. The strong impact our products have among younger technicians and designers is incredible – it makes them come up with brilliant ideas for outstanding lighting and product designs. Finding these projects makes my job even more enjoyable!”, David added.