Mexico’s Paragon Tower takes W-DMX™

Posted on: May 17th, 2016 by Marie

Hermes Music México, authorised dealer for Wireless Solution in Mexico, has recently completed an architectural lighting project in the Santa Fe district, Mexico City.

Hermes supplied PR Lighting fixtures to light up Paragon Tower, a 151m high hotel, all with LED sources. “The client wanted to enhance the building itself on a permanent basis”, explained Ricardo Segura de la Cruz, lighting specialist for Hermes. Controlling the data were WhiteBox F-1 G4S series units, which complemented PR Lighting’s capability to use W-DMX™. “As the exclusive distributor for PR Lighting in Mexico we can tie both brands in different projects, and guarantee that our customers get the best of both manufacturers. And by not having to run cables, we saved a lot of the budget in not having to create a new infrastructure just to run data”, said Ricardo.

The project used 2 WhiteBox F-1 G4S units to control 10 PR 8205 fixtures – the transmitter also sent data to the top balcony where these units were, with a modest distance of almost 150 meters.

David Ferraz, Business Development Manager for W-DMX™, this project demonstrates how easily you can reduce costs by running Wireless DMX: “Ricardo and the Hermes team constantly undertake greater architectural projects, and show the unlimited technical skill they have. By integrating products from one of our excellent OEM partners they were able to win this project and still be technically ahead of everyone else. We love working with Hermes, and have a great appreciation for these projects they take forward.”

Ricardo Segura from Hermes stating a clear change after finishing the project: “Many people have been lining up at the building to take pictures and it has created a completely different atmosphere in the area. And from a commercial perspective the objective has been achieved, as many more people are visiting the restaurants inside the building”.

Wireless Solution partners with Luxibel

Posted on: May 11th, 2016 by Marie

Wireless Solution Sweden has recently partnered with Luxibel, a Belgium distributor for the entertainment industry. The company brings a further knowledge and customer based in different sectors of entertainment and, effective immediately, will be an authorised dealer in the region.

Shelly Arvidsson, Regional Sales Manager for Wireless Solution, states: “Luxibel and their team are truly committed to stock and support the W-DMX range, and they have shown a very positive enthusiasm since the beginning.”

Luxibel distributes prestigious brands like Prolyte, JB-Lighting, ArKaos, Neutrik, Doughty and others, as well as products under their own brand. Wireless Solution is now part of this esteemed catalogue.

W-DMX™ G5 Introduction – Product Preview

Posted on: April 4th, 2016 by admin

It has been 5 years since G4 was launched, and 2 years since G4S started shipping. This year, we are proud to be launching G5, the evolution of Wireless DMX with support of RDM, as well Ethernet. Wireless Solution started working on G5 about 18 months ago – this was the result of collected feedback from customers all around the world. It’s also a gradual step in this technology – we have made a significant investment of resources so that the new generation performs better than previous versions, and still be very cost effective.
We kept our new products as simple as the previous ones, by using the One-Button-2-Go characteristic, and still have added more features. We have listen to YOU as a customer on what should over focus be.

Some of the new features in G5:

DOUBLE UP! – In all the F-Models (except Micro) you will have the option to run double up the quantity of DMX universes. On F-1 Models you can choose to have 1 or 2 DMX Universes; In F-2 Models you can choose to have 2 or 4 DMX universes. We listened to the request from our clients: as new fixtures take more DMX channels we added the option to double up the quantity of DMX universes on existent W-DMX™ series.

Twice the DMX quantity – same small boxes creating big stories

Personal Connectivity – Battery-powered fixtures have been booming in the lighting industry for the past couple of years – this kind of market, the corporate lighting market, brought a new type of customer, and some with very little knowledge of DMX. This meant creating a simple platform to control RGB lighting without previous knowledge of lighting controllers.

You can now get an optional Wi-Fi Module inside an F-Model, and link your smartphone or tablet to a BlackBox, and send DMX data straight to the fixtures. This enables a very easy control platform, without having to use an external Wi-Fi Router.

Triple-Band – For many years we have been the only manufacturer of Wireless DMX in the world to support not only 2.4Ghz, but also 5.8Ghz. In many applications the dual-band feature has been “life-saving”, as 2.4Ghz is frequently “crowded”, and unable to use regardless how adaptive or cognitive we are. If the frequency spectrum is full, there is no way to get around it.

Currently, the best way to circumvent this issue is to move the transmission to 5.8Ghz. However, because some countries have restrictions on the 5.8Ghz band, the output power has to be lowered, meaning that the same transmission will be done at a lower distance between devices.

With the launch of Triple-Band, these issues will become easier to by-pass. G5 supports 2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz and 5.2Ghz, the last being a ground-breaking solution to wireless-congested venues.

Micro Series G5

The new Micro Series present a sleek design packed with new features. All Micro units are still using standard AA batteries but with an increased life-time that runs up to 10 hours.

We have worked extra hard along with our suppliers with fine tuning the COB antenna design, resulting in an extended range between devices. The new SMT mounted antenna is expected to get up to 30% longer distance than G4. This is in combination with higher sensitivity of the receiver.

Another feature that has been asked for is the use of a standard power supply. In G4 we use a 12V power-supply with RJ45 connector. We have changed this in G5, to a standard 5V Micro USB connector. This means that if you misplace your power-supply you can easy find one in any phone shop. We have also added a Kensington lock so you can protect them from getting stolen or to be used as safety wire if hanged on truss.

WhiteBox Series G5

Wireless Solution was the first manufacturer to introduce a full IP65 box – the new WhiteBox presents itself as a hybrid between an installation-box and rental-box for outdoor use. It features a new slim design, very similar to the BlackBox series. We have an M10 thread for a standard C-Clamp so it can be truss-mounting, and also safety-wire clip-point. We changed the plastic cable glender to stainless-steel, improving the input-cable rating from IP65 to IP67. We also made a stronger lid with 6 screw-points instead for 4 points. All together with these new features we can present a very robust design and an increased approved rating of IP66.

Vodka & Meatball Party

Last but not least, we will be hosting our famous Vodka & Meatball party, on Wednesday the 6th at 5PM. Join our team in what will be a great networking event, and try some of the best food and drinks Sweden has to offer. We will be in Hall 3, booth D37.

Wireless DMX on world’s biggest laser show

Posted on: March 30th, 2016 by Marie

British laser production company – ER Productions – have put together the world’s biggest laser show in Milan, Italy, for the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S7. The event took place in the beginning of March 2016 and it featured more than 220 lasers and 80 fog, haze and smoke machines, across 6 remote locations, 4 of the remote locations was controlled by W-DMX™ WhiteBox F-1 units.

Andrew Turner, Project Manager and designer of this show, chose Wireless Solution from the start: “We had other wireless equipment on other shows but the experience so far hasn’t been the greatest – often these systems crash when suddenly you get 10,000 people in a venue, minutes before the show. We talked to Wireless Solution during the planning stage for this show to understand the differences between systems. It was the first time we worked with Wireless Solution”.

David Ferraz – International Business Development Manager for W-DMX™ – liaised with ER from the beginning: “The specifications for this show were quite challenging, but nothing we hadn’t done in the past”, said David, who was also on-site, supporting build, rehearsals and show. “We worked closely with Andrew to understand the difficulties of this project, specifically distances, interference, etc. W-DMX™ was, undoubtedly, the best wireless protocol for this project.”

The event took place in the economic centre of Milan, in Piazza Gae Aulenti, right by Unicredit skyscraper. At the top of four surrounding buildings were approximately 20 lasers [per building], receiving data from a central transmitter. This central unit was hung 8 meters above people’s heads – on top of a delay tower. The receivers had connected a 12 dBi outdoor antenna pointing at a 6 dBi Omni-directional antenna, that transmitted the data almost at 1km. “We used an Uglybox MKII to find the best angle for each receiving antenna, by reading the link quality analysis generated in real-time” said Ferraz.

After a very successful show, Ryan Hagan – Director and co-founder of ER – acknowledge the system’s reliability: “It was great seeing that everything worked right from the beginning. Because of our past experiences I was reluctant about using wireless. But with David’s support and with seeing how well the system ran from day one, wireless became the least of our worries – one I crossed off the list!”.  Behind the great success of this event was a hardworking crew that Ryan couldn’t leave unmentioned: “We have to thank Andrew Turner and Tom Vallis who led setup and programming, along with riggers James Horwood and Damien Gardener, and laser technicians Seth Griffins, Oliver Jenni and James Redmond”.

W-DMX™ is no stranger to the laser industry: in fact, there are a number of OEM partners – including Laserworld and Kvant – that manufacture lasers with optional built-in W-DMX™. Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution, explained why: “It is very common for laser designers to think more outside the box – sometimes they may not have space for their equipment where there is a full lighting rig and fast changeovers. Furthermore, technicians must have full DMX control, Having W-DMX™ in-built makes their lives a lot easier. Marc Webber and Ryan Hagan [directors of ER Productions] did a great job demonstrating how much a laser effect can achieve. This project was so creative and technically challenging, but it looked absolutely effortlessly thanks to their professionalism and commitment. It was a great pleasure to be involved with this show, and we do look forward to seeing our kit in future jobs.”

Photos by Samsung Italy, for illustrating purposes only

Wireless Solution Sweden Thrive in Architectural Show

Posted on: March 21st, 2016 by Marie

Wireless DMX drew major interest at Light + Building 2016, in Frankfurt showcasing the new cutting edge range of products featuring the new G5 software with Triple-Band technology and advanced Adaptive Frequency Hopping, along with their current OEM series including the fast-selling COB chip, a 6mm by 6mm RDM compliant DMX chip.

Wireless Solution were present for all 6 days, networking with existing and new customers from both the architectural and entertainment industries, discussing applications from street lighting and high bay installation, through to the entertainment business.

Additionally, Wireless Solution partnered with University of South Wales, to offer James Walton -student of BSc Lighting Design Technology in the United Kingdom – an opportunity to work at the show. James performed as an ambassador for the brand during the week as well as networking with other industry leaders also exhibiting in Frankfurt.

For James, this was an incredible opportunity to be alongside manufacturers and meet key-players in the industry, especially after working on a number of projects and installations utilizing a mixture of both W-DMX’s off-the-shelf and OEM products (such as the FMX bike project, recently advertised).

James commented: “The W-DMX team were incredibly accommodating, giving me responsibility and the time to visit a number of other brands, for my own benefit. From a personal perspective, it was brilliant to see people so excited about the product range and discovering the endless flexibility and possibilities a W-DMX system brings to projects. “ 

David Ferraz, International Business Development Manager for Wireless Solution added: “James displayed a wealth of technical knowledge. His background in working and exhibiting for companies including Robe, White Light and Enttec was very valuable and it certainly reflected in his capacity to promote our products. “

For Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution, Light + Building is an important show in the company’s roadmap: “W-DMX has a huge potential in the architectural market following the rise of LED technology and demand for a high precision control in this sector. We are currently the only company providing a combination of precise DMX and RDM control combined with the flexibility of a wireless system in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum.”

Red Bull Paraglider flies high with W-DMX™ in the Northern Lights

Posted on: March 1st, 2016 by Marie

Setting flight near Tromso, in Norway, Spanish acro pilot Horacio Llorens was challenged by Red Bull to experience the amazing Northern Lights from the sky under his paragliding wing. He accepted this mission and decided to face near-freezing temperatures of -15 degree Celsius. On his back he carried a Thor200 paramotor with some impressive 200cc power “the machine gave me the chance to climb whenever I wanted – or get out of trouble if I needed to”, said the pilot to Red Bull’s Adventure Stories, that can be found online.  

Contributing to nature’s impressive lighting design were two W-DMX™ Whitebox F-1 units, requested by Spanish Technical Manager Ramón López, who geared up Llorens with battery powered spotlights that lit up his rig against the night sky. The W-DMX™ boxes were responsible to establish a wireless link between the ground and the airborne gear. “We had the hard task to shoot wireless data in really harsh conditions of 20 degrees below zero. The equipment worked flawlessly!”, said Ramón López.

Helping with sales and support was EES, Wireless Solution’s exclusive distributor in Spain. The team liaised with with Ramón to provide the best technical advice to make this project hassle free and fully successful.

The final result can be watched here. It was shot with an ultra-sensitive camera that captured the drag of the emitted light in real-time.

Video courtesy of Red Bull, Edit by Ric Peterson.


Photo credits © Frode Sandbech/Red Bull Content Pool.

W-DMX™ fuels world’s first LED FMX bike

Posted on: February 15th, 2016 by Marie

Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Dan Whitby became the first rider in the world to ever perform Freestyle Motorcross in the dark, riding a fully lit LED bike with W-DMX™ equipment.

The sold-out event took place in Manchester last year and attracted 7,000 spectators – the E22 Sport Arenacross Series counted with a UK tour with 8 stops in 2015, and with eight more dates in 2016.

Shock FX, UK based Special FX company, was responsible to supply the bespoke equipment – several Enttec DIN LED modules powered by a LiPo cell battery were used, controlling 8 individual zones of the bike and the rider.

In total, 4x W-DMX™ Micro R-512 G4S units were used to fuel data to the LEDs:

– The first was installed below the rider’s seat and received data for the body of the bike

–  The second was attached to the rider’s belt pack, allowing him to be controlled separately and wire free to the bike – this allowed him to do larger tricks and     to be performed whilst sailing 10 meters above the ground

– The third and fourth Micro Receivers were placed in each wheel. During testing all fears of a Doppler effect within each wheel (caused by each wheel  rotating at   up to 270 RPM) were allayed

A W-DMX™ Blackbox F-1 MKII was used at FOH position, sending data to all four receivers.

“We also had a W-DMX™ ProBox F-2500 and two Micro F-1 boxes as spare – we ended up not using them, as the equipment we had on-site was working with no issues!”, said James Walton, on-site lighting technician for Shock FX.

“This is the sort of jobs we get on a daily basis” said David Taylor, CEO of Shock FX. “The W-DMX™ exceeded my expectations – the range is absolutely incredible, and so his its reliability and rigidness. We were doing 200 meters between front-of-house to performer, and the signal strength did not drop once”, Taylor added.

White Light Ltd, UK exclusive distributor of W-DMX™, supplied the equipment to Shock FX: “We had a play at WL before so we could attest its performance”, added James Walton. “It just worked out of the box!”.

At Wireless Solution, Niclas Arvidsson – CEO and founder of W-DMX™ – commented: “We like seeing off-the-shelf products being used in this sort of application. You don’t have to be an electronics engineer to develop projects like this one – we have dedicated products for each application in the entertainment market. Shock FX have done an amazing job proving how this works. Now they can hand it over to the touring crew who will be able to operate without a lot of hassle!”.



Wireless spectacular at Marina Bay Singapore

Posted on: February 10th, 2016 by Marie

It has become tradition to celebrate New Year ’s Eve at the Marina Bay in Singapore – in fact, each year it attracts 100,000 people to this festivity. For 11 years it has been Esplanade’s job, together with the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore, to organise and facilitate this massive event – last year alone it included 8 minutes of firework displays and 20,000 “wishing spheres” along the river. Each sphere was signed by several people during previous months, with messages expressing wishes and hope to the upcoming year.

The organisers tasked local rental company “Showtech Communications” to provide a solution in integrating the existing lighting installations surrounding the bay with all the extra equipment for these celebrations. In total, Showtech used 48 Robe fixtures, 45 Clay Paky plus 300 Led fixtures to cover the whole area.

Under the guidance of Heryadi Mohd Yusof and Ismahadie Putra Ishak as the responsible LDs, a 6 universe of W-DMX™ was specified – this system bridged the 400 meters of water (from FOH to the fixtures area). Project manager William Ang, along with Lighting Chief Jorden Lee and assistant KIat used 12 Blackbox F-1 transceivers with outdoor dual band antennas to setup the link between the two sides of the bay. “The plug-and-play approach of the W-DMX™ transceivers provided instant connectivity across the water, which in itself is a difficult task due to the reflective nature of the water surface”, said the experienced techs.

During the setup process, the team found useful to change the transmission mode to 5.8 GHz: “There was an undetermined radio source at the receiving end giving us a slight interference. We decided to move to 5.8 GHz before not to put the job in jeopardy and to guarantee a secure connection”.

With the aid of the Co-Existence dongle (the W-DMX™ configuration tool), specific frequency channels were selected for each transmitter to eliminate interference. This configuration took less than 30 minutes and it guaranteed a smooth operation. In the end, the signal never dropped below 80%, even after reducing the output power on the transmitters. “W-DMX™ proved its invisi-wire philosophy – it worked as reliably as a cable would’ve worked!” said the elements of the team after a very successful show.


Photo credits – Jens Poehlker

Taiwan’s DLGH and Aurora light up NPMSB with W-DMX™

Posted on: January 20th, 2016 by Marie

In Taibao City, Taiwan, a Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum has opened, driving cultural, educational, social and economical development to both northern and southern regions of Taiwan. To commemorate its inauguration, Aurora Lighting was called in to overview the design, and local distributor Jackson Yu of DLHG, to offer project support to the job.

A total of 61 fixtures were used, including 20x Fine Art 230 BEAM, 16x Fine Art 1500 Spot, 20x Studio Due City Color and 5x PASP 4K SKYBEAM luminaires. Controlling these automated fixtures was an MA2 Full-size and 4x W-DMX™ BLACKBOX F-1 units.

To enhance the important landscape surrounding the building, the lighting display for the opening ceremony took place by the lake side, which created a barrier between control and lighting rig: “We got worried about DMX runs until we realised DLHG were W-DMX™’s distributor in Taiwan!” said Scotty Chen of Aurora Lighting. “Jackson explained us the intricacies of this Wireless systems, including the data-safe technology, which adds redundant packs of DMX data to the transmission. The system worked flawlessly” added Chen.

“The furthest distance between transmitter and receiver was 250 meters”, commented Jackson Yu, who’s been distributing W-DMX™ since 2013. “Whilst we spent 2 days setting up the lighting, the Wireless system took 2 minutes!” added Yu. When dealing with distances like this, W-DMX™ stands out from the competition and adds Invisi-Wire technology:  it deals with DMX frame characteristics such as the break, mark after break, interslot timings and slot count parameters and recreates them exactly as they came in at the transmitter side. This increases the signal’s fidelity and makes W-DMX™ the most reliable system on the market.

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution Sweden, added a remark: “We are not popular by chance: users like Aurora and DLHG trust us for our technology and support, and their confidence means that more people are moving from cable to wireless technology. We loved to hear about this project, and hope to see many more”.

White Light Supplies Wireless DMX to Royal Opera House

Posted on: January 15th, 2016 by Marie

Since it first opened in 1732, the Royal Opera House has become one of the world’s most recognised and respected performance venues. Based in Covent Garden, the building is home to both the Royal Opera and Royal Ballet and is renowned for its outstanding variety of traditional work and new commissions. With such a vast array of productions been seen by almost 800,000 visitors per year, the Royal Opera House must rely on state of the art equipment to ensure that each show achieves its potential. As a result, the venue has invested significantly in Wireless Solution W-DMX™; with every purchase being made through White Light.

Based in Sweden, Wireless Solution is the world’s leading manufacturer of the most exciting and reliable wireless lighting control equipment, W-DMX™. This twice award-winning DMX system is the most dependable product available for transmitting lighting control data wirelessly, no matter the distance or location. It is also one which for which WL is the exclusive distributor and one which the Royal Opera House has invested significantly in.

Justin Cook is the Lighting Systems Manager and part of the Technical Production team at the Royal Opera House. He comments: “We decided to invest in Wireless DMX as we were aware of the huge impact it would have in how productions are run at the Royal Opera House. We own 10 W-DMX™ Transmitters and around 40 receivers. Similarly all additional bars and set practicals are run from Wireless DMX and we run four universes for any additional lighting equipment we require on top of our permanent rig”.

Jonathan Haynes, WL’s Business Development Manager, comments: “It’s easy to understand why the Royal Opera House frequently draws on the use of Wireless Solution products. W-DMX™ has essentially changed the way lighting is controlled through wireless distribution. Award-winning reliability and one-button-to-go setup allow for quick installation of lighting fixtures, on-time completion of time-sensitive projects and faster, less arduous load-ins of equipment. Essentially, it makes life so much easier for the client – something which has been evident with the Royal Opera House”.

Wireless Solution equipment has not only made a huge impact in Royal Opera House’s iconic Covent Garden theatre but also on its various touring productions. Justin states: “Last year, we took Don Giovanni on a tour of Japan, which was an extremely ambitious project and allowed us to showcase our work across the globe. Whilst there, we weren’t able to run the set from the mains power so everything had to be battery powered using the RC4 Series 3 W-DIM4. Without the use of Wireless DMX, we simply wouldn’t have been able to produce the show”.
With more venues and production companies than ever before turning to the reliability and efficiency of wireless technology, WL expects the product line to continue to grow in 2016. Jonathan comments: “W-DMX™ offers so much more to venues, particularly those with hard to reach areas where cabling would normally be impossible. It is allowing the boundaries to be pushed on productions and the more people see it being utilised, the more they realise how powerful and beneficial it can be”. 

David Ferraz, Wireless Solution’s International Business Development Manager, adds: “We are delighted that our products have made a huge impact at an historic venue such as the Royal Opera House. We create our products with ease-of-use for the end user being a top priority. We are obviously delighted then that so many people are benefitting for this and that WL is able to supply them with our products”.

Maracaibo bridge gets W-DMX™ with lighting refurbish

Posted on: January 8th, 2016 by Marie

Right by the Gulf of Venezuela, the General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge in the lake Maracaibo connects the city with the same name with much of the rest of the country.

This 8.7 Km bridge opened in 1962 and serves as a vital infrastructure to the economy and mobility of the people in Maracaibo. To commemorate and celebrate its existence and importance, the government requested the 6 towers that support it to be lit. It became VIU URBANA & VARONALEDS’ job to design, install and commission this major task.

VIU URBANA & VARONALEDS’ was challenged to complete this job in a short time-frame, and with a live bridge with traffic passing by around the clock. The lighting fixtures had to be installed at both sides of the bridge, which meant having teams in both lanes.

“It was almost impossible for us to use cable to communicate between towers. Each is 280 meters away from the other, and the furthers one is at almost 900 meters” said Mr. Roberto Hernandez, director of VARONALEDS. The final drawing included the controller at the centre tower, and the signal transmitter to both east and west sides of the bridge.

In total, the project included 12 White Box F-1 receivers, each with a 12 dBi antenna. These were mounted on a switchboard at the inside of the tower: “We chose the 12 dBi antennas due to their directionality. As we had line of sight, it was a no brainer to get this signal as directional as possible, using all its power to transmit to the next point without wasting any unnecessarily”, added Roberto. “The only thing we had to bear in mind were the big suspension cables that hold the base of the bridge, as they could have been a serious obstacle to this transmission”.

In total, 350 luminaires were installed, with an energetic saving of 38% for traffic lighting against the old system and an increase of 20% in brightness, also increasing the lifespan of up to 14 years on road lighting and 10 years on architectural lighting.

The fixtures were manufactured by Varonaleds, a system manufactured in Spain and shipped to Spanish speaking countries and the Middle East.

At Wireless Solution, David Ferraz liaised with Hernandez in making sure the technical competences were available to the installation: “We originally communicated via email when Roberto asked for a second opinion through our HelpDesk line”, said Ferraz. “When him and the team were on-site, we communicated via skype and messages. This helped them getting confident with the system, and as you know see they have done a remarkable job in an impressive time-scale!”.

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution Sweden, commented: “These kind of projects are the true representation of how rock solid our products are. We loved collaborating with Roberto Hernandez and the Varonaleds team, and the bridge is looking impressive – we can only expect similar projects of this magnitude!”.  






W-DMX™ performs at The Voice of Croatia

Posted on: January 4th, 2016 by Marie

Hrvatska Radio Televizija – Croatian Radio Television is setting the standard, stocking the largest amount of W-DMX™ devices in Croatia. The lighting department is now stocking 14 Blackbox series transceivers and receivers, used across the different TV shows and outside broadcast assignments. These wireless systems are also used on the popular show “The Voice”, which premiered the first season in January 2015 and currently in production for a second season.

Local distributor Georges Toutounji, CEO of Scen-Teh, was responsible for sale of Wireless DMX: “Wireless Solution is such a global brand that it needs very little introduction. The exciting part is showing people how limitless the system is, and then seeing how they use it on their shows. We have seen a lot of young adopters and now setting the standard in Wireless DMX transmission in the Croatian market. This was exactly the case with HRT”.

For “The Voice”, a Blackbox F-1 transmits from front-of-house with a standard 3dBi omni-directional antenna to a couple of Blackbox R-512 boxes on the central truss ring that drops down during the show. The reason for choosing wireless over wired lies on the quick turnaround in the studio, and for the flexibility that it gives in the rig.

Two of the challenges with “The Voice” are the many outside broadcast shoots that the team has to do, and all the pre-footage and story pieces that happen in the corridors just outside the studio: “We have got 5 or 6 different locations that we commonly use as set for these recordings, but another vast number of outside locations where the production team needs to record. The use of W-DMX™ has helped a lot in minimising the setup time due to its Plug & Play system, and meet the time-frame production give us”, says Damir Smetko, Head of Lighting at the HRT.

Smetko is a legacy user of W-DMX™ and has been following the technology since G3 – “We are very happy with the outstanding performance of Wireless Solution’s range – they help us achieving a lot more than we would have been able to with cable. One example is how we split the line in two from the R-512 – not just we transmit wirelessly, but we avoid using a splitter for such simple tasks”.  

Georges Toutounji of Scen-Teh found extremely important having the trust from HRT: “Damir has been a customer and a friend for over a decade. He’s passionate about technology and his approval is great – it strengthens the confidence other people can have about using data wirelessly”.

The use of RDM is also very important for HRT: “We use RDM extensively with our Martin fixtures and controllers – G4S gives the ability to get that data in real time from the moving-heads and assess their performance”.

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution Sweden, commented: “Georges has a great knowledge of the products and the industry – he’s a great partner in Croatia and we see a lot of happy customers coming back to our products and praising Georges support”.

Scenske Tehnologije/Scen-Teh is located in Zagreb and is the authorised distributor for Wireless Solution Sweden.


Pictures copyright – © HRT Croatian Radio and Television, for illustrating purposes only.

Cirque du Soleil Sama-Sama Live Experience enabled with W-DMX™

Posted on: November 26th, 2015 by Marie

Wireless Solution recently participated in the performance Sama-Sama – Live Experience for Cirque du Soleil. The project invites the audience to immerse themselves in a parallel universe where they will follow the story of a mysterious community known as the Samis, who have built a unique space for creativity and inspiration, bringing people together through the joy of creation in a way never experienced before. They call this place Sama-Sama, which means “together” in Filipino.

The Samis (performers) danced and sang in the middle of the crowd holding and juggling a long light pole, designed by interactive experience’s designers Rafael Mizrahi and Mickey Martin – the object was made of telescopic aluminium poles and 3D printed plastic parts, making it lightweight for the performers. “Wireless Solutions provided the most reliable Wireless technology, and the fastest to communicate with the lighting in such a crowded radio environment” says Mizrahi when asked about the choice of brand.

Inside each staff there was a Nano RX OEM module of 5 volts with an internal antenna. “We used Madrid’s Arena, a venue of 100m x 60m – wireless range of very important to us, also considering the thousands spectators with in the area with mobile phones. We also a single Blackbox F-1 with a standard 3dBi antenna, placed at the centre of the venue to transmit the signal – this covered the area seamlessly!”, added Rafael.

Sama-Sama takes the audience on a 360-degree immersive journey to a parallel universe. A dozen large-scale interactive installations urge the audience to unleash their creativity, become performers, to play and have fun.

Each pole had two rings of 25 RGBW addressable LEDs. There was only one universe of DMX transmitted through the F-1, which was connected to a grandMA2. “We assigned 8 DMX channels for each pole and controlled the RGBW colours of each ring – each DMX channel was a colour for the ring, per pole. In addition to the 8 channels per 12 sticks, we added 200 more to control the same pixel in all the sticks, making a total of 296 channels. We were able to play the same light chase together and different chases individually”.

As for the power consumption, each pole contained a 5200mAh LiPo battery that lasted for over 3 hours, of which 80mAh were used by the Nano RX card.

The individual installations were created exclusively by the Sama-Sama team and featured user-friendly interfaces and intuitive instructions designed to fully engage the audience. The Sama-Sama journey culminated in a grand finale where all audience members became part of the Sami community.

Recognized for its innovative approach and high quality artistic entertainment, Cirque du Soleil provided guidance in the development of this live experience as well as acting as a business partner in the venture. “We see great potential in Sama-Sama’s new immersive concept and have decided to come on board. This innovative approach is unique and we believe it will touch audiences in a brand new way” said Charles Joron of Cirque.

In contact with this project was Arik Yarkoni from A.B. Electronic, W-DMX™s exclusive distributor in Israel, who were responsible for the technical sale and support of this project.


Videos can be watched here:


W-DMX Electronics & Software: Rafael Mizrahi

Model Design & Manufacture: Mickey Martin

Artistic Director: Amir Schorr

Lights Architecture: Cochavi & Klein


W-DMX™ demonstrates Green practices at Lights in Alingsås

Posted on: November 25th, 2015 by Marie

W-DMX™ by Wireless Solution once again played an important role in the recent Lights in Alingsås event in Sweden. The event is Northern Europe’s largest lighting workshop in public spaces, this year attracting a record 87,622 visitors.

Once a year, leading lighting designers and companies are invited to Alingsås to demonstrate their expertise, attend networking events and hold workshops. For five weeks, the dark evenings of Sweden are transformed into beautiful lighting installations around the town.

The theme for Lights in Alingsås 2015 was ‘The Evolution of Light’, from the big bang to the present age, with a specific focus on how new technologies such as LED can help reduce the environmental impact. W-DMX was used to demonstrate the elimination of excess cable.

Lighting designers Bertil Göransson and Johan Moritz from the company Luxera were responsible for the installations, three of which used W-DMX: The Living Room under the highway with Workshop Head Reinhardt Gerber, using 1 W-DMX WhiteBox F-1 G4 Transmitter to control 24 Aster AX-3 fixtures; The rhythm of flames with Workshop Head Vivid Katarina Henning, using 1 W-DMX WhiteBox F-1 G4 Transmitter and 1 Receiver for one SGM –Spot, sending the signal to the other end of the site; and Yin & Yang with Workshop Head Andrea Hartranft, using 1 W-DMX WhiteBox F-1 G4 Transmitter and 1 Receiver for sending the signal over a street.

”When it comes to technology and the use of the Wireless Solution W-DMX system,” said Margareta Starmark, project manager for the Lights in Alingsås workshops, “It went very smoothly during installation and worked flawlessly during the entire event, so we are very happy.”

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution said, “Wireless Solution has worked with Lights in Alingsås in the past 3 years with great results. We were especially happy that the focus this year was on using products that help reduce the carbon footprint of traditional lighting. The WhiteBox series is our weatherproof, IP-65 rated solution for architectural and entertainment projects that seek a green alternative. The reaction was very positive.”


Villa Pisani lit by W-DMX™’s OEM partner Studio Due

Posted on: November 24th, 2015 by Marie

In Riviera del Brenta, to North-East of Italy, Studio Due lit up Villa Pisani for the first time in the venue’s history, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ballin – a famous brand of shoes. The designers specified a mix of LED fixtures from the Italian manufacturer, all controlled via W-DMX™ in order to minimise the visual impact on site.

For the main façade several EasyColor 12 RGBW/FC units were used – these are battery powered wireless colour changers with 12 RGBW (12 Watt) LEDs. Thanks to the lithium-ion battery and the IP67 protection, these units were the perfect fit to the outdoor installation. Furthermore, each unit includes a Wireless DMX PICO MCX OEM PCB with an external antenna, which allows them to received data from a transmission point at 700 meters at line-of-sigh. To transmit this data, a Blackbox F-1 was used, linked to all the Studio Due units.

At the rear of the façade there were several Archiled FC RGBW (Full Colour) units – also with W-DMX™ as part of one of the included optional features – no cables were passed along the façade. This last one also contains a DMX PICO OEM Receiver with an internal antenna.

The key to Wireless control is radio transmission, as Niclas Arvidsoon – CEO of W-DMX™ – explains: “Any antenna, whether it’s W-DMX™, sound radio mics or even on your phones, has got a radiation pattern: this means they will transmit better at a certain direction and perhaps be less efficient at another. Our standard antennas are omni directional, so that first-time users don’t have to think about this complex scheme”.

Omni-directional antennas transmit efficiently 360 degrees – the Wireless Solution standard antennas (3dBi) are tested at 700 meter (line-of-sight) with over 90% reception quality. “This means we can still transmit over that distance, but bearing in mind the link drop”, added Arvidsson.

Villa Pisani is a great story about W-DMX™’s OEM partnerships: “We trust Studio Due to innovate and create outstanding products. And in return we will do whatever possible to support them in using the best Wireless DMX technology on the market, allowing them to create innovative solutions” Arvidsson comments.

To read more about this project from Studio Due click here.

Chilean Valook takes W-DMX™ to FIFA U-17 World Cup

Posted on: November 17th, 2015 by Marie

The opening ceremony of the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2015 in Chile was filled with colour and performances in the National Stadium, honouring the Chilean culture and the new generations interested in the local traditions. W-DMX™ was one of the stars, along with the OEM partner Clay Paky, both brands distributed exclusively by Valook in Chile.

From Clay Paky there were 24 of the powerful new Mythos moving-heads, with 2 W-DMX™ Whitebox F-1 units, receiving the data from another WhiteBox F-1 at front-of-house. The setup included 12 dBi antennas on the transmitters and 8 dBi outdoor antennas on the receivers, boosting up the signal to more than the total length of the football stadium.

24 nations participated in the grand opening of the Cup, in a show designed around the theme “Colours of Chile”. The performance was produced by Esteban Icardi, who was involved with the American Cup in Chile this year and the Bicentennial celebration of La Moneda Palace. Also involved was Reinaldo Sepulveda, a famous Chilean cinema and TV director with vast portfolio in his field.

Esteban commented on the use of both manufacturers: “These events are an excellent way to show that we are focused in doing things well, using high-end manufacturers, specifically the Clay Paky and Wireless Solution equipment. This was broadcast to the world, we can’t waste such an opportunity to demonstrate good equipment and put on a good show”.

Francisco Yanez, Product Manager for Valook in Chile is the first to support the use of Wireless: “We believe it is very important that our customers use professional technologies. We know how important it is to work with products that are stable and reliable, and certainly with W-DMX™ is possible to secure any kind of show. Icardi is really an example of how to work professionally. They perform spectacular shows, always using these technologies beautifully. Wireless Solution has delivered a tool that allows total freedom to make any kind of lighting design.”

Asked about the reason to use Wireless, Francisco mentioned how the control point was on the back part of the stage, and although it wasn’t too far away from the lights, there were a lot of fixtures – the transmitter was set a higher point directed to all the fixtures on the stage.

“W-DMX™ is the simplest and professional solution for any type of event: from sending signal over long distances, to places where you have to send data to many luminaries from a single point. We are very happy to bring this kind of wonderful technologies to the professionals in the region” added Yanez, concluding this very successful event.

Valook have proved how to use the technology available in a very creative and effective way, creating yet again another outstanding story in South America.